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Bitshares UI Worker Proposal for 2019 - Changes, Ideas and Future

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The Bitshares UI (also known as reference UI) team wishes to present a new worker proposal to the community. Read the full proposal here.

Vote for Worker 201902-bitshares-ui - id: 1.14.165.

Problems at the end of 2018

With the sudden drop in price in 2018, the current worker suddenly received fewer funds than it had promised to pay out for work. The worker was also unfunded for about a week as it dropped out of the active workers.

Thanks to the significant support in the community, which we are much grateful for, we remain an active worker.

Structural changes

As the funds we receive from our current worker isn't covering the worker, as well as we've had some structural changes in the personnel that handles it, we've decided to create a new worker early.

The previous project manager, Bill Butler, decided to step out. The team has given responsibility over to me, and I feel honoured for this opportunity. I see a group with great ideas, potentials and a wish to produce something great for the community and ourselves.

I will manage project and UI, tightly together with our new UX manager Ihor.

Ihor will take a prominent role in UX management. We've been behind in managing and missed some great potentials with people that been onboard for UX work. With Ihor stepping in I see this finally getting started for real. Ihor and I will coordinate UX and UI work to find the best way to get forward.

Alex will take over fund management and will continue to be a great asset for the team with his skills and many ideas on how to tackle things.

Stefan will continue to be our release manager, which he took over from Sigve when he stepped out late last year.

I believe that the team today sees the same way on where we are going. It's a great set of people, and together with our previous contributors from the community we will continue to progress this product towards an even better one.

Larger responsibility on the team

One of the significant changes for the current team will be that we will go away from the purely decentralised approach, where anyone could work on whatever they wanted at any time. The team will have a more substantial responsibility to tackle issues that are required to propel the application forwards.

The community is as always welcome to work on things they can/wish to do and supply a PR for it. We're always looking for new people wanting to work with the UI.

Quick Worker Key points

We've requested a larger share of BTS this time, much due to the decrease in price, but also since we've added a Devaluation Multiplier, which will make sure we have enough funds to cover at least a drop of 20% in price. As always, the worker will refund all funds not used up at the of the worker period, so no funds are kept if not used.

We've changed payment to bitCNY, thought the proposal would state all expenses in USD. A summary in CNY are indicated at the end, together with the conversion.

We've decided to stay with Bitshares Blockchain Foundation as an escrow. They've made a great work so far and provide excellent services for us with transparent accounting for example.

Current work duration will be from 2019/02/11 to 2019/12/30 (46 weeks).
The old worker was expected to end on 2019/03/31. Once the new worker is activated it will be superseded by the new one. We do not intend to have both worker funding at the same time.

Ideas for the future

We have yet not created a complete roadmap, but as the worker states, these are some key points that we will work on forward.

  • Refactoring core connectivity and reliability components.
  • Establish a more methodical QA and testing phase before releasing each version.
  • Create a series of automated front and backend tests to reduce resurfacing bugs.
  • Finish migration to ANT components complete with a style guide.
  • Refine the navigation moving away from the sub-tab model.
  • Creating a more modular exchange experience and an easy way for exchanges to brand and configure their own.

Our goal is to create a more slick and unified experience for the UI. We have many ideas, and we've had several talks during the past two months about this and how to make this work. We will source the community for ideas and features that are requested, as well as working closer together with the bitshares-core team to make sure we can integrate new features as they are released by the bitshares-core team.

The team is ready to take this to the next level, give us a chance and vote for the 201902-bitshares-ui worker id 1.14.165.

Thanks for supporting us
and the future progress of Bitshares!

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