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Bitshares UI Worker 2020 (6 months)

startailPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

The team from last years worker of the Bitshares UI are happy to present a new worker proposal for 2020.

Read the full proposal here
BitsharesTalk Forum Thread

The decreased price have made us reform this years worker much compared to last years.

To just name a few (read the full proposal for a better understanding)

  • There is no travel expenses for attending events
  • A decreased time in administration to focus on development
  • An agreed upon committed development time by each developer
  • A three part roadmap for the period of the worker
  • A decreased time period, only 6 months

With this post we, the entire team, seeks the community feedback and support.

Regards Magnus
Assigned team leader

What is the intention of the BitShares UI?

The BitShares UI is often called the Reference UI. And it seeks to be exactly that: A reference that seeks to showcase any and all features that the BitShares Blockchain offers. Easily onboarded, forked and branded. The idea is that gateways or business have an easy entry-point and to be able to give them sample code on how to interact with the blockchain. The idea was not to provide a simple, slick, use-case targeted UI for depicted target groups like traders.

Anyone should be able to get a grasp on the feature set while being able to quickly try things out. The user experience is of course always one key driver for development of the BitShares UI, but it will never be as simply or focused as a tailored UI with a specific use-case in mind.

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