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Onboard rally video of the day - Neuville with Opel Corsa GSI on Rallye Legend Boucles 2019

ssekuljiPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on

First rally car Thierry Neuville had and drove was an old Opel Corsa GSI with 1.6l 16 valves. That way he put some lights on himself, of course with some good results he posted.

He later drove R2 cars, Super 2000 cars and finally come to the World Rally Championship with WRC cars.

But he never forgot his old Opel Corsa GSI which is now fully restored into group A car with sequential gear box and proper equipment, of course.

You will se it from this onboard video that car is going very quick and strong.

It's good that Hyundai works team allowed Thierry to drive his old Corsa which is not their brand. Thumb up.


photo and video from WRC.com and youtube


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