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Just a quick reminder! ~ HF4 Updates Tomorrow 馃槑

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3 months ago

Happy Saturday to ALL my awesome Friends, Followers and @Social-Voice PODIES 馃憢
I honestly have no idea what the HF4 changes will do tomorrow exactly, all I know for sure is that Life here will be very different. Especially with the special way that the PODS work ~ So I think we will all just have to wait and see, adapt and move forward!

I do have some ideas for our @social-voice POD , but I won't be able to figure anything out until I see the latest HF4 Update in action! Let's hope that it's better for all the POD, as they have definitely not been working 馃挴% efficiently up to now, as we all know...


The Above Digital Artwork is owned by me
[ Strictly Copyright 2019漏 andy-whaleshares ]

So I will see you all on the "other side", hopefully 馃檭
Have a great day Everyone 馃憤 & keep SMILING 馃榾


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