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Introduction to SliTaz GNU/Linux

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Grating Whaleshares! SliTaz GNU/Linux is a light, fast and free operating system for your computer. We use the Linux Kernel and GNU software to provide a secure and robust desktop or server environment. First SliTaz code was published online back in 2006 and have an active community and daily commit in our code repository.

SliTaz can boot from a pen drive, a cd-rom or any external hard drive and fully work in RAM, providing a very fast OS while storing permanently files on the pen drive. The system can also be installed on an hard drive and works on wide range of machine. SliTaz can be download freely from our website in form of an ISO image.

The base system fir into a 50 Mb ISO image and we provide more than 5500 pack ready to be installed in a few click or from the command line.

Why a Linux OS on the Whaleshares blockchain ?

SliTaz is a free an open source system, all coded by voluntaries and paying for resources with donation. We believe that a platform such as Whaleshares open many possibilities to open source projects.

  • OS/Software users can shares about the project
  • Developers can shares about their work
  • Projects maintainers can organize code/artwork contests with prices
  • Projects can offer paid services with WLS
  • Developers can earn with tips by user and the pod account

Need 0.1 WLS to join our pod ?

Check out this public post and Please leave a comment to get a small gift .-)

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Copyright (c) 2019 - SliTaz GNU/Linux Contributors

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