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Price Report 11/07/2019 - smoke.io / Whaleshares

skylinebudsPosted to Public11 months ago3 min read

These two coins here are not listed on coinmarketcap.com and I think more people should and would love to get a price update for these coins.

This is the daily Price update for 11/07/2019

Smoke Price

On the smoke blockchain, We are finally done the 6-day dump and have seen one person make a small buy order with 24.999 smoke and that today was the only movement.

Day Trading pair Latest Price 24 Hour Change 24 Hour Volume
1 Smoke/BTS 0.12491 0.00% 0.00%
2 Smoke/BTS 0.0.12420 -0.56% 3125.149
3 Smoke/BTS 0.10368 -16.51% 2663.417
4 Smoke/BTS 0.0.09978 -3.75% 3495.109
5 Smoke/BTS 0.10875 +8.98% 24.999
Day BTC Price USD Price
3 0.00000049 0.0057
4 0.00000043 0.0051
5 0.00000046 0.0051

Did you know that smoke offers PoS? So even if you are not a cannabis smoker or you don't want to blog you can stake your smoke and earn PASSIVE income.

Whaleshares Price

On the whaleshare chain we have seen more and more dumping, Whaleshares has had some great volume but it is mostly dumping. I am sure the price can't go much lower before people start to put up some walls.

Day Trading pair Latest Price 24 Hour Change 24 Hour Volume
1 WLS/BTS 0.13700 -0.72 % 18.29k
2 WLS/BTS 0.13600 2.85% 39.43k
3 WLS/BTS 0.11851 -12.86% 22.27k
4 WLS/BTS 0.11609 -2.04 13.18k
5 WLS/BTS 0.11121 -14.44 43.09k
Day BTC Price USD Price
2 0.00000067 0.0078
3 0.00000056 0.0065
4 0.00000050 0.0059
5 0.00000047 0.0052

You can now pick up whaleshares for less than 50 sats so you people that like penny coins this one has the room to make quite a bit. Now we are on a slow decline in the sats price it.

Still a nice bit of spread on the whaleshares chain, It is still a good time to look at making some bitshares and whaleshares off the spread.

You can buy these coins over on

Have you went over and signed up for any of these blockchains and started to earn some smoke or whaleshares?

This is some dirt cheap prices for both of these chains. with these selling at under .01 cent you can be sure they will make a nice jump when they get listed to another exchange or we may see it before if we see ALTS pump.

This is not financial advice**


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