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Wine show

singasPosted to Public4 months ago

Have a nice day! At wine fairs and expos are always fun and interesting. There are various workshops, invite guests to all sorts of tastings and talk about different varieties of Kuban wines.

There were many photo zones.

Dozens of grape varieties are grown in Kuban.

Immediately sold and dishes for wine and various useful things for the interior. How do you like this bar in the form of a guitar?

Snails, mussels and oysters were served with the wine, but there was a huge queue. I decided to take a picture of this beauty.

And I was still surprised by the variety of grape varieties that are grown in our region.

To see the details and hear about the process of winemaking was very informative and interesting...

I remembered an excerpt from the popular film with Adriano Celentano, I hope you enjoy it :-)


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