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My new pastel drawing

singasPosted to Public2 months ago2 min read

Have a nice day! Today I decided to show you my drawings again, maybe some of you will like it and you will start drawing yourself :-)

This time I was drawing with pastels. I like this material, although it is very dirty workplace, but it can be easily washed off with water...

I wanted to draw a picturesque place that I was in as a child. This is somewhere in the Crimea near Yevpatoria. In any case, this view is etched in my memory.


It was very beautiful and I especially liked to look at the sea, being on the rocks.

And the houses are so high up, because there is a storm, and they could not be built lower. Of course, it was difficult to go down to the sea on such a rocky cliff, but me liked it very much. I love adventure.

In addition, Crimea has a very picturesque nature, so many different plants and insects, it was interesting for me to observe and get acquainted with them :-)

And I started my drawing with a sub-paint, or rather with shading, because this time I drew not with oil or acrylic, but with pastel.


At the end of the drawing, for some reason, I wanted to draw bright flowers on the shore.

I didn't take many photos. After all, when I draw, I always get carried away with the process and forget to photograph the stages of writing the plot of the picture, but I think it is clear that I draw myself :-)

Thank you all for your attention and support. Draw and you, you will definitely succeed! Take my word for it! I started drawing recently, and now I draw almost every day...


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