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Fun weekend full of entertainment

singasPosted to Publiclast month

Have a nice day! Last weekend I decided to walk to the city center. It's always a lot of fun. I like that every weekend in the squares organize a variety of entertainment for both children and adults.

On Pushkin square set a lot of carousels and different attractions. There was laughter everywhere, and the merriment was in full swing.

Kids ride on such cool trailers and cars.

Looking at their happy faces I wanted to go for a ride myself :-)

Then I saw this attraction and went there. I love to ride a swing, and soar up and forget about everything... But I never found any pirates on them...

But all the passengers screamed with delight.

What is there just is not rolling. Adrenaline must have been pumping.

Many went to do aquagrimm or watch as the girls wield brushes, turning the faces of the children into fairy-tale and cartoon characters in a matter of minutes.

I wish you all a great weekend.


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