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Flowers in painting: my new drawing.

singasPosted to Publiclast month

Have a nice day! Today I present to your attention my new drawing. This time I tried using acrylic with a pearl tint :-)

At first I decided to draw flowers of a bagulnik, I like them very much. I thought that fresh flowers in winter are unlikely to be found anywhere and decided to try to draw something myself :-)


I have a purple Bush growing in a kind of picturesque corner of nature. Not far from the waterfalls that I placed in the background.

And as always it started with podmalevka.


First of all, I drew a lake in the mountains, then outlined the outlines of mountains and waterfalls, and then marked the Bush in the foreground with a bright purple spot.


But in the end it turned out quite well, I even liked it myself, considering the fact that I had never drawn before and did not learn this type of art.

Did you like anything about my drawing?


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