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馃摲 My new drawings

singasPosted to Public5 months ago2 min read

Have a nice day!Today I will show you my new drawing. This time it will be an urban landscape. Guess what this place is?


First, I decided to draw a sketch. But this is my first sketch, because not everything of course turned out as intended.

But the main thing is that the process has already started. Of course, I didn't know that all lines should converge at one point, since I had never learned to draw before. This is probably why it turned out to be a somewhat surreal image.


But the beginning has been made and now I will try to improve my skills :-)

And I drew with acrylic paints with mother-of-pearl. I wanted to convey the overflow of asphalt in the evening after the rain,but it did not turn out exactly as intended, although not everything happens at once...

Now I'm just starting to master this process and try to draw something every day.

Thank you for supporting my new works! I would be very grateful to anyone who will leave in the comments of their opinion and criticism of my style or some of my drawings.

Your criticism will help me develop in this art form, grow and learn, work productively and hone my skills...


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