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馃摲 My new drawing

singasPosted to Publiclast month

Have a nice day! Today I will show you my new drawing. This time I will draw with pastel.


I wanted to make illustrations for Eduard Uspensky's book "the Crocodile Gena and his friends".


Cheburashka was my favorite character in this book. I didn't get it very well.

It turned out like an alien of some kind. Very ugly. BUT over time, I will certainly learn, the main thing is that the process has already begun :-)

First, I drew Cheburashka one.

Just don't laugh, please, or laugh. After all, laughter prolongs life :-)


I'm not an artist, and I drew from memory. I thought it would be easier. As I remembered from cartoons, so I drew...

I think you will definitely like the cartoon, Especially this song :-)


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