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I made delicious Rohu fish curry

simaroy-mymomPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 days ago3 min read


Ingredients with quantity

Rohu fish -900 grams
Potatoes -400grams
Tumaric -2.5 table spoons
Salt -2 .5 table spoons
Green chilli -8 pieces
Onion -2 pieces
Garlic -1 pieces
Garam masala - 2 grams
Cumaric -5 grams
Cardiment -2 grams
Mustrad oil -55 grams
Water as needed

Step 1.




At first I removed 900 grams Rohu fishes shells . After that I cut this fish perfectly . I washed Rohu fish with fresh water .


Step 2


Now I admixed 1.5 table spoons tumaric and 1.5 table spoons salt with Rohu fish clearly .


Step 3


I removed 400 grams potatoes shells and cut potatoes slicely . I washed potatoes with fresh water .

Step 4


I cut green chilli perfectly . I cut onion ,and garlic slicely

Step 5


I made paste dry red chilli , cardinent, cumin ,and garam masala together .

Step 6



When mustrad oil is hot in oven , i provided Rohu fish . I fried Rohu fish with hot oil.

After frying Rohu fish , I picked fry Rohu fish from pan.


Step 7


When 10 grams mustrad oil is hot in pan , i added potatoes . I fried potatoes .

Step 8

I admixed tumaric and salt in potatoes . I added green chilli in curry. I mixed water as needed in curry.

Step 9


After 10 minutes boiling curry , i added fry Rohu fish in curry .

Step 10

After 4 minutes boiling this curry , i picked up this curry from pan . I admixed masala paste in curry .

Step 11

When 5 gram mustrad oil is hot in pan , i fried onion and garlic in pan .

Step 12


After frying onion and garlic , i admixed Rohu fish curry in pan again . I boiled 8 minutes this curry . Thus I made delicious Rohu fish curry recipe .

My Location

Rohu fish is a very tasty fish. In India this fish is cultivated commercially. So more cultivation is taking place in Asian countries. The demand for Rohu fish is very high in the market. At present most of the countries are selling this rui fish. Even this Rohu fish is being sold abroad. This fish is also in great demand in foreign markets. This fish is very popular in our country. Rui fish is so popular in India and Bangladesh that if you go to any fish market, there will be Rohu fish. Rohu fish is called as the national fish of India. Rui fish is so delicious to eat that those who ate it understood the taste of Rohu fish. Rohu fish are some long te. The shape is thin. The scientific name of Rohu fish is Lebio rohita. Rahu fish are silver in color. The mouth of the Rohu fish is thin and slender. Rui fish scales are very large. Rohu fish are freshwater fish. Rohu fish lay eggs in September. Rohu fish lay 2-3 lakh eggs every year. Rui fish weighs more than 600 grams in a year. I personally like Rohu fish very much. Numerous recipes can be made with rui fish. However, as far as I know, if every Bengali has Rohu fish curry with potatoes at home, it is as if the Bengali food is quite frozen. This is a homemade recipe for every Bengali.

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Recipe maker @simaroy
Regards @simaroy

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