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The Misery of The Bible - 2

seyiodusPosted for christians Pod Members to comment on, 2 years ago3 min read

Hello readers, followers, and friends. This is another episode of the topic The Misery of The Bible. If you missed the preamble you can check it out here.
I mentioned that the Bible is for our learning and everything recorded was inspired by the Holy Spirit. There is a particular saying that there is no new thing under the sky and so it is because everything that is happening and that will even happen has been recorded in the Bible.


Just like the Bible is for our learning, it can also be the downfall of a man especially those who are Christians. In short, The Bible is what will be used to judge every soul at the end of all race according to the Words written in it whether you believe it or not. It's a guide for us to follow to be able to inherit the kingdom of God.

48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day. - John 12:48.

How can the Bible cause a downfall?
There are so many ways it can depending on how you see it; for the believers and the non-believers.
let me first say this that out of many books of law that are widely known and accepted, only the Bible will be used in judging the worlds. Which means if you are not yet born again you can't receive the indepth of the word which can cause the destruction of the soul.
For believers which is the most painful thing is that most Christians says they are following the Word of God, allowing satan to manipulate their thinking and understanding about the Word which means they are serving God under is wrath.

What do I mean by serving God under his wrath?
When God says do not steal and you call yourself a christian and you are still coverting what does not belong to you then you are serving God under His wrath.
Do not lie but you are still swearing (and even calling the name of God in vein) with God that you never did what you did; you are serving God under his wrath

I will still talk more about serving God under His wrath in one of the upcoming episodes.
This is where i will be stopping for this episode and in the next one, I will be talking about the knowledge of satan about the Bible. Don't miss it.

Thanks for reading and stay blessed.



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