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Behind a successful You, There is You

seyiodusPosted to Public8 months ago2 min read

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It is something of joy when you are praised for another man's success. I will love to have that credit as well when they will say "Behind a successful man, there is a woman" and maybe likewise for a man. I will be happy and grateful to support my home, especially my husband to the end and not be his downfall. Who does not want that?

Generally and thinking of it deeply, I want to believe that no one can make you a successful person except if you allow the success to come. If there are positive people around you and you are still stuck in your negative mode, no amount of positivity will change your moral. You can only accept things you which to accept.
What about those who are alone and work their way to the top? Who are you going to say is behind their success? I will say their determination and focus is behind it. Likewise for everyone who is having someone beside them. All it takes to succeed is you and not but you. What you want, how you want it, where you want it, how to obtain it, when to obtain it all depends on you.

You can take help from others and have people around who want to see you achieve but it all depends on you. You can make their effort futile or worth it; all are still in your effort to bring out something from you.
I still want to be/ I am still/ I will only be that woman behind my man that makes him successful but...
Behind a successful You, There is You


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