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I met the Lord Jesus in a difficult time when nothing was working for me. My life was complicated. I could not understand what was happening to me. I was in lack.

I often saw people in the street proclaiming the good news of the gospel. I was skeptical about the whole thing about Jesus Christ. I was actually mocking these soul winners. As far as I was concerned, they were confusing people and the whole thing about Jesus was a fabricated story. I thought they were pretending and they were not serious.

I was suffering pain in my body. Moreover, every night when I was sleeping, I was dreaming a woman who was coming regularly to abuse me sexually in the dream. But when I look at her sex, I was seeing that her genitalia was a snake.

This went on for a long time until a sister came to talk to me about the gospel of Jesus Christ. At that time, I had no peace of mind, though I had the basic things of life.

When a sister was talking about the gospel of Jesus, she told me, “The Lord can give you peace if you come to Him.”

I told her, “I keep hearing about Jesus everywhere when I go out in the street.”

I was curious. And I wonder who is this Jesus, for I had no joy and I was miserable. I could not do anything with the little money I was making.

Since I was confused and overwhelmed by life, I told the sister, “You keep talking about this Jesus, I will come to your church to see if this story about Jesus is true or not.”

I decided to join the sister who invited me to her church in order to see whether the story of Jesus was true or not. It is then I learned to pray.

The lady soul-winner was teaching me prayer and kept praying for my life, because she was really caring. The more I went to church, I kept hearing about Jesus and I wondered who is this Jesus for I never saw Him. I decided to go deeper in order to know Him and to speak to Him.

One day as we were praying in the church, I went deeper in prayer. Suddenly, I saw that I was walking on the road. While I continued to walk in the road, I saw a man dressed In a luminous white garment, and He was beaming great light.

The Man came to me and He wiped away tears from my eyes. And when He had finished I saw that I was back in the church on my knees. I realized that the person that was shining was Jesus. I could not see His face that was shining. It was my first encounter with Him.

When I went back home, my suffering continued. I saw that when I tried to cry for my problems, there were no more tears in my eyes, for the Lord had wiped tears from my heart.

When I came to Jesus, the first impression I had was that I was filled with joy. My problem was still there but I was filled with celestial joy and happiness in my heart. It was not easy to leave everything in order to come to Jesus, but the Lord gave me strength. And despite my problem, the joy and peace of the Lord filled my soul. I was always joyful and it was happiness in the middle of problems. This joy of the Lord was enough for me and it was a consolation.

Jesus said, “Come to Me, you who are weary and heavy-laden.”

I was determined and I never gave up in prayer. And since I came to Jesus, I always felt His presence by my side. I knew He was with me, I could feel it. Everywhere I went, He never left me and He was there. When sickness that was tormented me came again, I received the visit to the Lord Jesus Christ, deep in my suffering in a dream.

The Lord asked me, “Jeannette, do you believe that I can heal you from your sickness?”

I said, “Yes, Lord, I believe You can heal me.”

The Lord gave me Ezekiel 37:3-4 And He said to me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, you know. 4 Again He said to me, Prophesy on these bones, and say to them, O you dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.

But this sickness was prolonging and I was seeking money in order to be operated on. The truth is that in my heart, I was longing for a miracle. I did not want to be operated on. In the end, I said, “If it is the will of God to heal me through medical science or through a miracle, let His will be done.”

When we got to the hospital, the operation took many hours and it was complicated. I began to pray since I was awake. Suddenly, I realized that I began to breathe with difficulty.

I said, “Lord, why am I breathing with difficulty? Am I gonna die? I don't want my sins to condemn me. I ask You to forgive my sin.”

I continue to pray and suddenly I went into a coma. I could not see anything anymore. I woke up three days later, and I was released by the hospital. But on the fourth day, the pain began to manifest again, and it was unbearable. I felt like someone was suffocating my neck and I could not breathe. I kept holding my neck.

When the doctor came, he told me, “There is nothing we can do.”

He gave me some painkillers. On the fifth day, the pain continued. I also continued to pray in my heart. I could not speak and I kept holding my neck. It was on the fifth day at 6pm when I was lying that something happened.

And suddenly a wind came down to the place and blew over me. As a result, I felt the pain going away and I saw my eyes closing. I did not know that I was dying.

Finally, I passed out. And when I died, I found myself in a land that was spacious and full of people. They were countless multitude in a queue before a woman that was seated on a throne, and I saw that the infernal woman was reading names of the deads in a massive register. At the same time, she was breastfeeding a child.

The Evil Queen of Hell was dressed in fashionable clothes. Her hair was going down to her bottom. She had makeup on her face, and she was wearing trousers or lady pants that was tight.

This Evil Queen was calling the name of the deads that were in an unending line. I saw that after calling the names of the deads, she was revealing their dates of birth and dates of death. And then she was reading the deeds and actions they did in their lives on the Earth for this woman had the books of all the deads and these books contain the actions and the deeds of the dead.

I saw that in the last page of the books of the dead, there was a parenthesis that says “Marks of life” - the conclusion of the records of the deeds of the dead were marked negative, which means that they had received a negative mark because of their lifestyles.

I saw that whenever the queen of Hell told a man or woman about the negative mark, they were entering a dark vehicle beside the throne of this queen. I mean, there was a dark vehicle beside the throne of this Queen of Hell.

Whenever she called people and read their actions and condemnation, there was a force that was causing people to embark on the vehicle that was absolutely dark and scary. People were controlled and guided by a force and they were deprived of their will. I noticed that this vehicle was not driven by anyone. It was moving by itself. People kept embarking the vehicle of Hell when they were called and condemned by this female devil. When the vehicle moves away, I kept hearing the cries of pain and despair. It seems that something bad happened to them wherever the infernal vehicle was taking them.

I stood in the queue of the deads. Then a man came and said to me, “Madame, where you are going, you will be embarked in this vehicle.”

I said to the man, ‘Sir, do I look like someone that will embark this kind of vehicle? I will not embark on this vehicle.”

I was in wonder because of the things that I saw in this place. I saw that this car was moving to different cemeteries embarking people. And when I look at the cemeteries of the country, I saw terrifying things.

I saw thick dark smoke that I have never seen in cemeteries. The smell of the smoke was terrible. In cemeteries, there were lions and terrifying beasts of all kinds. I saw demonic snakes and infernal animals of Hell in cemeteries.

I saw that the dead kept filling the dark vehicle all the time. Whenever this vehicle moved away, another one came and embark on another group.

I was wondering, “What is this place and what am I doing here?”

Even men of God were in the line.

The angel said to me, “You see the men of God in the line. This was a servant of God. He had a conflict with his wife. He told his wife he had forgiven her. In truth, he had grudges and was bitter. He never forgave his wife. He kept rancor in his heart for many years and animosity took him to Hell.”

I saw another believer.

The angel told me, “This man goes to church just to show people his beautiful clothes. His attachment to luxury and pride took him to this place though he is a churchgoer.”

Some of the people in the queue stood previously before the gate of Heaven. When it was their turn to enter the kingdom of Heaven, their white garments became dark and they landed in the queue before the throne of the evil queen.

I saw before the gate of Heaven churchgoers who were wearing wigs. I saw a woman who was wearing tight clothes. They wore pants, miniskirts, and exposing clothes before the pearly gate. These ladies were all cast out and they landed in the line before the evil woman.

I observe these servants of God in their adornments and sexy clothes. I saw that they were naked though they were dressed with these indecent clothes, and they could not enter the kingdom for they have exposed their nakedness and spiritually they were naked. They were cast to the outer darkness to the place of torment.

I saw that wigs in their heads were snakes and necklaces were also moving snakes that were sucking their blood on the neck. I wonder what is the meaning of this?

The Angel of the Lord told me, “These snakes caused poverty, hardship and lack in people’s lives.”

In the meantime, I kept hearing the cries of souls before the gates of Hell and ugly black smoke was rising in this place. I have never seen this kind of smoke that was unbearable.

Let me tell you that the Lord has made you naturally beautiful. You will notice that Chinese and Lebanese that sell these wigs don't put them for they know where they come from. The queen of the sea design these wigs that are sold in the market of Abidjan. Huge serpents vomit these wigs that God’s children are now wearing.

I was beyond the grave among the multitude. When I turned around, I saw a massive and beautiful palace. I saw that there were three gates before me. I wondered how can I enter?

Immediately I heard a voice that said, “Take the bread in order to enter.”

Later I understood that the bread was the body of Christ, which allowed me to enter the gate. When I entered the first gate, it closed after me. And then I opened the second gate, then the third gate, I saw that I was in a palace.

When I look I saw four people that were dressed in white, luminous garments, and they were sitting. These visitors of the celestial kingdom were waiting in the waiting room. I wondered who dwells in this palace.

Then I pushed the golden door that opened up. When I looked, I saw people in white. Some of them had wings. I wonder what are they doing here? I noticed that Angels were dressed in garments that were white. I mean, pure and brightening white. Terrestrial white is dirty in comparison.

While I was contemplating from the ground to the height, finally, I saw the majestic King sitting on His throne. I tried to contemplate the King. But as much as I tried, I could not see His face that was beaming great light. This light was so strong that it has nothing to do with terrestrial daylight. I kept watching the King and I saw that the angels that were there were saying, “Holy, holy”, and when they were saying, “Holy,” for the third time they were kneeling.

Then one of them told me, “My sister, you have to join us and worship the Lord. Do like those who are worshipping here.”

Quickly, I joined the angels and I began to worship. I said, “Holy, holy and holy,” and I knelt down like the angels before this King that sat on the throne watching.

I saw that there were three royal thrones and the King was sitting in the middle. On His right there was another person sitting there. I could see His hand and feet but not His face. On the third royal throne, there was no one but I saw a royal crown that was golden on that throne.

The angel told me, “This is what matters to us. There is no mother, father and husband and wife in Heaven. We don't get hungry, and we don't stop and go home to eat. What matters in Heaven is the Father. We desire to stay here to contemplate the King who is our Father. All that matters in Heaven is the Father. We have nothing to do except to worship the King.”

I told the angel of the Lord, “Do you have day and night here?”

He told me, “There is no night in Heaven because the bright light of the face of the King illuminates the whole kingdom.”

I saw that they were five people with me worshipping.

The angels told me, “These people came from the Earth to worship the King. But on the other side, they were a countless multitude of angels and saints of Heaven.”

I said to the angel of the Lord, “The way you worship the Lord here is different from the Earth. On the Earth, we thank God for His goodness, His protection, and we tell Him how good He is.”

The angel told me, “Men don't know how to worship God on Earth. The birds of the sky worship the Lord better than men who come to church. The birds of the sky are the best worshippers of the Lord on the Earth.”

The angel told me, “The birds in a nest continually worship the Lord. You keep hearing them making noises throughout the day for they're continually worshiping the Lord. That's the meaning of their noises. Most birds before flying away, they praise the Lord, and then they fly away. But men are ungrateful. It's only when the Lord gives them something that they worship the Lord. Yet the King is all that matters for us in the heavenly kingdom. The King is essential and central to us. What matters in this kingdom is the King. We have nothing important except to contemplate the Father and to worship Him. We don't get tired. We don't stop in order to go home.”

I said to the angel of the Lord, “Over here, you keep bending yourself to worship the Lord and I am already feeling pain in the back and I am tired. I want to go.”

The angel told me, “You can go now, but make sure to tell people what you have seen.”

I saw that I passed out at 6pm and I came back the following day in the morning. When I came back, I was unable to talk for hours talking with hand signs.

I said, “Lord, You told me to talk about what I have seen. How can I talk with signs?”

When I prayed I recovered my voice. I remember when I had this experience I was still wearing wigs and using makeup despite the fact that I saw all the women going to the place of torment because of them. A few days later I took an eyeliner pencil in order to make lines.

Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me, “You still continue with these things despite what you have witnessed. You must be stubborn.”

As soon as the Lord spoke, I stopped and I never use makeup again.


If you wish to escape the eternal fiery burning torment of HELLFIRE in order to make HEAVEN, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour today because tomorrow is never promised. You must restitute and confess all your sin unto God and also ensure you joined " a Bible Believing Church

for more spiritual growth" However, if you are a Christian and still indulges in various kinds of sins such as. Envy, anger, unforgiveness, lying, hatred, malice, murmuring, gossiping,

stealing, taking or giving bribe, exams malpractice, fraud, smuggling and robbery. Perhaps you into masturbation, fornication, adultery, prostitution, Lusting after MONEY and SEX, abortion, lesbianism, homosexuality, kidnapping, ritual killings and assassination; You must confess and repent today. Perhaps you into drunkenness, fighting and quarrelling, alcoholism, smokers, divorcee, polygamous marriage, occultism. Consultation of native doctors for charms making.

PRAYING in the name of MARY or any Saints or Angels, BOWING DOWN or HONORING THEM. You must renounce all these abominable and plead for God's mercy. Perhaps as a woman, you still given-in into vile affection "CHANGING THE NATURAL USE OF YOUR BODY INTO THAT WHICH IS
AGAINST NATURE" Therefore indulging yourself into worldly fashions, dressing in transparent clothes, wearing of mini and tightly skirts or WEARING OF TROUSERS. Exposing your breast, lapse to seduce men. Painting tips, fixing attachments, weave-on, jewelries and earrings, wedding rings. Making-up, putting on extra eyelashes, piercing of noses, tattoos, nails fixing and body bleaching. You must repent, dispose and burnt them off and ensure you maintain your natural beauty because the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Lord Jesus, come into my heart, for I acknowledge I am a sinner, forgive me all my sins, wash me with your precious blood, cleanse me with your precious blood, I believe you died for my sins, save my soul, Lord Jesus, as from today, I make the decision to serve you with all my heart, give me the grace to stand and overcome sin, write my name in the book of life, Thank you for saving me, Thank you, Jesus, for forgiving me all my sins, In Jesus Name. AMEN

If you have confessed this prayer with faith please call this number +27814390084 for further spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

For questions and contribution, please comment below, and your questions will be responded to, God bless you as you ask your questions, all questions are acceptable, remember it is for correction and learning......

Remember; Your soul is precious and was costly purchase by the Blood of Jesus Christ and you can't afford to lose "yours" in Hell for Billions and Trillions of years in ETERNITY for mere pleasure and fashion of this world that PASSETH-AWAY.
God bless you as you do so, please share...and save a soul today............................................

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