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A small walk around can open eyes

seveaux6 months ago4 min read

Recently I walked outside and in the colds, it was still warm because of the walk.

A lot of things that were going up in my mind really needed to be released, and it's not only helping with some rest and some social interactions.


A friend who also is poetic has a newspaper snippet hanging on his bathroom wall that says 'If you look around, you will see that everything is colored'. So when you are sitting there pooping, you see this and you can think about it because you have some time to think.

Not only this is a very beautiful sentence, but it's true! And it's saying more than just that you can see in colors.

This same friend, have also been looping like I did, and he told me that at the time he couldn't be like me always being positive and secure on things watching the sun smile down on me with my headset on playing music from my small iPod.

At times when all seems to be more weird than ever or not going your direction like you hoped or want, think and look around your area. I always enjoyed to take walks, with my headset on listening to music. Especially in the summer and springtime when it's sunny.

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The area around me is awesome and motivated my brains to think straight again

Now I know what is possible to do for me with blockchain and my area. Because the area I live in, and not yet the housing here, but just a couple of streets away, there is this area called ''strijp-s'' just behind the station. In the past I have made posts about this with some pictures on steemit and showed some hangouts. But this area has been grown so fast with so many innovative new concepts that it just blew my mind when I recently was taking a walk and everything came together what I should do further and what possibility's that are laying right in front of me that could combine online worlds, environmental growth, healthy lifestyle arts, technology and most important, people with a young spirit that are hungry for building the future together. So thinking of this and my past experiences, music and all the different paths I dared to walk, that make me today to be me, also online things that have shaped me to be me today all together. I think here is the location and will be the location for me to combine and shape awareness of blockchain technology's, community's by organizing an event for all of the friends and family's that are on whaleshares and other blockchainbased networks.

A very good and perfect location to invite you and bring blockchain awareness to the Netherlands

With this place, and with some support and help of you guys who are interested, facilitating a blockchain themed event or weekend where I'll use my stake in the-jukebox account in to pay for everybody's residency in the hotel that lays directly next to an indoor place for an event where it will be super epic to see musicians of the platform perform aswel others who have showed themselves online give the stage. This way we have and a connection aswel as everybody can enjoy and learn about the innovations happening in this area that are adding to the society and world in general. Eindhoven has a reason why it's officially the 'smartest region in the world'. Strijp S is however and new, and also cultural and environmental based the epicenter for young innovative people. But not yet blockchain. So this is the ultimate chance to and learn and teach and do this with help of eachothers prime interest, skills and love for decentralization and future change of the world to be next level.

See the website here to see what I am talking about An eyeopening walk and remembering who I am and what is possible now and here, and with a drive for what we can do, and what is possible around got me out of the loop of thoughts and fudding that was happening to me. And it turned to be knowing, that the sun is always shining. Whenever you see possibility's, dare to take them. Who doesn't fire a shot, will always miss the target.

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