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We Hit Our First Milestone - Here's Another Giveaway To Win A Share Of 1000 ScribbleCoins

scribbleguild19 days ago2 min read

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We recently hit 50 followers on Whaleshares and Discord!

Whilst this isn't huge we have only been running for two weeks and we're quite proud. We'e also very grateful. As such we wanted to combine giving something back with taking the next step as a platform.

We're offering five prizes of 100 Scribblecoins

To win on of the prizes you need to suggest a way for us to hit our next target of 250 followers and 250 Discord members. This should be something targetted outside of Whaleshares. It could be a recruiting drive from Steemit or, even better, from the outside world. If you make one of the winning suggestions you'll win 100 Scribblecoins.

We're offering one grand prize of 500 Scribblecoins

Once we have our best five suggestions you'll be able to enter the next stage of the competition. This will be open to anyone. Participants can take one of the five suggestions and develop them further, going into detail and suggesting changes or nuances. This can take any form you like. It's a free form brainstorming and planning exercise, and the winner gets 500 Scribbecoins

Is that everything?

No. If your suggestions are good and you seem capable and motivated, you might well be approached to join the ScribbleGuild team. We're looking for intelligent, motivated and committed people to get involved.

How to enter

Post your suggestions for how we can recruit 250 new discord members and followers below. Suggestions should be a short paragraph at minimum. It's a simple as that.

ScribbleGuild is backed by its own coin, ScribbleCoin, and generous help from our sponsors: @dbread, @freedomexists, and @eternalblue. With these we’ll aim to give as much help to our community as we possibly can. Look out for more details about features and competitions coming very soon!


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