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ScribbleGuild Prose Curation #1

scribbleguild24 days ago3 min read

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What is ScribbleGuild prose curation?

Each week Scribbleguild curates two of the best posts of prose writing. Posts need to be stories or creative writing with a focus on the quality of the writing. If selected your post will receive 100% upshares from scribblecoin and dbread tokens, worth well over 220 WLS

How do I enter?

  • First join our discord channel. Follow this link: https://discord.gg/bu2BZca

  • Look for "Share Your Bests Work" Here's an image of what you're looking for.

best work.JPG

  • Decide whether your work is poetry or prose Drop the post in the correct channel

  • Lastly, make sure one of the tags is scribbleguild. This is essential.

We'll be curating prose on Tuesdays and Poetry on Thursdays. Look out for the posts. As the number of entries increases we'll be adding another prize so there'll be more chances to win each week.


My Rise To Power In The Seedy Underbelly Of The Internet by @Gonzo

So far there's little really good comedy writing on the blockchain. In fact it's perhaps one of the most niche creative writing subjects on Whaleshares. This made Gonzo's excellent piece refreshing. It's also legitimately funny in an anarchic Gonzo style (look up Hunter S. Thompson if you don't know what I mean). If you like warm writing full of funny observations, puns and crazyness I'd recommend taking a look, but I might not recommend @gonzo as a next door neighbour...

Here's a link: https://whaleshares.io/funny/@gonzo/my-rise-to-power-in-the-seedy-underbelly-of-the-internet-chapter-one-comedy-open-mic-round-13

Intrauterine Adventure by @joseph1956

This was a stange piece in an international style of English but it held together well with a good progression and kept my interest until the end. Reminding me a little of John Fowles's Mantissa we are taken through the stages of a pregnancy by a worldly wise baby who comments on everything going on outside the womb. It's amusing and a little bit touching and I'd recommend taking a look at this writers highly original work.

Here's a link: https://whaleshares.io/thebeast/@joseph1956/intrauterine-adventure

Please remember...

  • Some of the posts offered were not tagged with scribbleguild Whilst I was lenient this week, including this tag will be essential if you want to be considered for future prizes.
  • You may now offer creative writing posts in the prose channel for consideration for next weeks competition.

ScribbleGuild is backed by its own coin, ScribbleCoin, and generous help from our sponsors: @dbread, @freedomexists, and @eternalblue. With these we’ll aim to give as much help to our community as we possibly can. Look out for more details about features and competitions coming very soon!


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