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ScribbleGuild.Com is LIVE

scribbleguild12 days ago2 min read

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ScribbleGuild now has a Website

We're ambitious for ScribbleGuild and see pioneering projects as one of the attractions for Whaleshares. And knew that having a website would make us far more appealing to new users. So we created one!

We're just starting out

We've started with a simple structure. Much more will be added over time. For now, having a dotcom website will make ScribbleGuild and, by extension Whaleshares, more accessible to new users. Ultimately expect it to serve as a hub point for when we've added all the new features we have planned


Explaining crypto currency to the uninitiated is hard enough. Explaining Whaleshares and platforms which use the Steemit model alongside Discord communities makes this task even harder. Being able to refer people who are interested to a standard dotcom website gives us the chance start with a clear explanation and gain the trust of new users.

Faster sign ups for VIPs and invitees

Currently sign ups are still slow and cumbersome for those who aren't tech savvy. This makes onboarding writers particularly difficult. One of the first things we plan to implement will be easy sign ups. In the first stage these will be processed by ScribbleGuild for invitees selected by us.

ScribbleGuild is backed by its own coin, ScribbleCoin, and generous help from our sponsors: @dbread, @freedomexists, and @eternalblue. With these we’ll aim to give as much help to our community as we possibly can. Look out for more details about features and competitions coming very soon!


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