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How To Get Offline Critiques On Your Work - Our New System!

scribbleguild17 days ago2 min read

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We're developing an offline system for feedback.

At present we'll be using it just for critiques. In time you'll be able to use it to request hints or advice, editing, proofreading, feedback and workshopping on your work

Why not just post?

Not all work is suitable for a Whaleshares post. It may be unfinished. It may be part of something longer. It may be something you've worked on for so long you don't want to 'let it go' in a post or it may be intended for print publication and posting it would invalidate your ability to sell it.

So what should I do if I want a critique?

  • 1 Create a Google Doc with your piece of writing. Enable link sharing with comments

  • 2 Post the link in #critiques
    crit snip.JPG

  • 3 Add a comment directed to @newentry. This will alert all discord users that there is work to be critiqued


  • 4 Responders read and critique by adding comments in the Google Doc

vit poem snip.JPG

  • 5 Once you're happy with your input, let the poster know by mentioning them in #critiques with a tag


  • 6 Mention to @nikflossus that you've written a crit. We'll start keeping records ready for when credit or rewards are enabled.


We hope so. Remember that critiquing the work of others is as important for improvement as writing. If you don't do this you're missing a chance to sharpen your technique.

ScribbleGuild is backed by its own coin, ScribbleCoin, and generous help from our sponsors: @dbread, @freedomexists, and @eternalblue. With these we’ll aim to give as much help to our community as we possibly can. Look out for more details about features and competitions coming very soon!


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