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Private river canyon with multiple healing pools, suitable for children, close to home, free of charge 馃尡

samstonehillPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago3 min read

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Yesterday we went to one of the most beautiful places I know of here and amazingly it wasn't too far from our home.

We felt a bit lazy on Sunday morning because we had a pretty active Saturday at our local lake. There were almost no people there thanks to our beloved coronavirus ;)


Following the flow

Our friends were insistent on Sunday morning and assured us we would get our energy back once we saw what was just around the corner. I almost declined their offer in place of a pesto making day at home, as the basil is well past its prime, but was able to let it go upon feeling their enthusiasm. So off we went...


The Mountains

Just as it is with all great places, to get there first we had to walk into the wild.

On this occasion it was a 5min drive from home and a 45min walk up a mountain footpath. Great exercise for all of us.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.01.13.png

Luna & I hung back at times to appreciate our surroundings. And then we would run as fast as we could to catch up with everyone.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.02.19.png

Once we hit the river, some climbing was involved.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.04.25.png

And finally we made it.

Our friends are explaining here how slippery it is in certain places. Sure, I say it is suitable for children but a health & safety inspector would likely have a field day here!

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.07.38.png

Quite spectacular.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.08.12.png

Obviously the kids wanted to explore further, so in I went. We forgot to bring the armbands!

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.10.16.png

There were multiple pools to find, each one a little further up from the next.

Years of intense flow had crafted smooth, bum shaped pathways on the rock, making it a perfect natural water slide.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.12.16.png

Words simply cannot describe the perfection.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.13.12.png

It puts one at peace with all that is.

Screen Shot 20200913 at 19.13.46.png

There was no crying at all. Only a desire to exist firmly in the moment.

Screen Shot 20200913 at 19.18.27.png

That health & safety inspector I mentioned would likely point out that some of these pools start shallow but suddenly become extremely deep. The one you can see above I jumped into and made sure to submerge myself under the energetic flow of the waterfall. Human made showers are not capable of cleansing in the same way. Plus, it was freezing cold, which is incredibly good for us. Thinking about it I could probably write an entire post about why swimming in this kind of water is good for humans, so let's just leave it at that.

When the sunlight started to fade from the valley we knew it was time to go.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.24.18.png

A last energetic handful to take home with me.

Screen Shot 20200914 at 07.25.19.png

The whole way back Esteban was singing a song entitled "best day of my life" because for him, that is exactly what it was.

Frickin' love this place. Thank you Universe for leading me here at the perfect moment in human history 馃尶

Love & Light everyone!

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