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Message to @cherie - please return my vape!

samstonehillPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago3 min read


Blockchains can be used for lots of things right? Well, this is me using one to direct a public message toward @cherie who has been blanking me for the last month while remaining active here. I loaned her the vape seen in the above image, she has left town without returning it and now doesn't respond to my messages. Which is no different to stealing in my books.

If indeed this is a conscious community as it claims to be, it will collectively acknowledge when an injustice is happening and deal with it appropriately. I believe people should be held accountable for their actions, particularly in this arena where we all give generously to each other because we believe we are giving to a certain kind of person. That is, until real world events prove otherwise. In the end blockchains have a habit of revealing who we really are over time, no matter how hard one tries to delete evidence of it.


After living in my home village in France for the last six months @cherie decided she didn't like it here and abruptly left, which is fine. But what isn't fine is leaving town with my vape. I use it regularly during my tobacco free periods and would like it back immediately. She is fully aware of this yet continues to ignore me.


Hello @cherie

Please respond to my messages or simply return my property. If you don't want to talk, just post it. You have my address. I will also accept the value of the item in crypto (185€). Litecoin is preferable: LUK5939g9dY1eWwbwaRwdbvyP8cbrb9VND

I know you have stake on these platforms and 'fans' who appear to hold a certain amount of respect for you so like me they will no doubt be interested to learn why you think it is okay to steal from people? Not to mention, people who have been nothing but kind to you over the last six months.

Were you talking to me when you posted this quote last week?


There is nothing intelligent about stealing from someone shortly before ignoring their attempts to communicate with you. Personally I am just doing what I always do by documenting that which is on my mind while bringing something of value to this platform. The value in this case is my moral obligation to warn the good people of this community to treat you with caution and avoid physical contact with you at all costs, if indeed you confirm yourself to be a thief by continuing to ignore me.

Ah yes and while I am thinking about it, did you ask my permission to use my image from this post as your hive profile banner?

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 20.01.06.png

No you didn't.

So this would be another example of stealing. And again, this is something the people of this community don't appreciate.

Looking forward to the return of my vape.


End of message

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