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Yensesa Exchange Tool: 50% Share & 50 Yents Reward..... Go For It

samestPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

Hello, Friends!

I have come with another via Yensesa Tools. Today my concentration is on Yensesa As an Exchange Tool. knowing that many of us know the importance of writing on the graphene platform, I do understand that you are here to share your expertise, ideas, message, songs, artwork and many other thing on the blockchain but again we are here to make some cool money for ourselves.

For every step you take on the chain there should be motivation, though it can be little but again receiving a drop go along way to become something bigger if you continue.

Yensesa Tool As An Exchange allow you to exchange STEEM, SBD, And BTS to Naira and Ghana cents with 30 seconds you have your money in your local wallet. Do you need money and you hodl any of this token make use of Yensesa Exchange Tool make receive little reward from me.

So far, I have released three types of task you can engage yourself in and get rewarded, this is still on provided its not yet 14days.

Here Is The Task Four With Increase In Reward Pool....

  • Make Use Of Yensesa Exchange Tool, Exchange Any Token

  • Make Withdrawal And Share The Time Amount Of Minute The Money Takes To Enter Your Local Wallett.

  • Make A Screenshoot Of Your Transaction And Comment It Alongside With Your Yensesa Wallet Address

  • Tag Three Friends.


  • Every Valid Comments Receive @samest 50% Share

  • Every Valid Participants Receive 50 Yents Tokens.

Get Inspired, Get Rewarded!!!

vote yensesa-witness and wls-africa as a witness

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