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When you are in the midst of great and wonderful people you may not know especially when you only see them online.

With great joy and happiness constellation Meetup was a success and opens new era in the lives of many.


It is interesting to know that Blockchain Africa also known as @wls-africa was powerfully represented to guide newbies on registration on bitshares, whaleshares.io and yensesa platform. Meeting great guys I do see on discord, WhatsApp and on the chain was a great things for me which shows another moment if love. What you know share to others and eradicate poverty in your community.

It is one of Blockchain Africa to reach out to as many as possible offline or online until we are able to make the whole world happy via the blockchain technology.

The Meetup ended with personal discussion between @gracehills, @barineka, @anikys3reasure this took over 1hr 30mins and we really have fun together.

I await to see all newbies that registered on whaleshares soon the moment the account is approved. Keep sharing because sharing is caring.

Photo Corner

Guiding Newbies On Registration

Thanks to @barineka for making this Meetup a success. Togetherness we reach the top.

One Love

Kindly Vote For @wls-africa, @met.witness, @yensesa-witness for witness Here

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