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Blockchain Shout-out with samest

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Blockchain Shoutout With Samest
Block.Africa The Progress!

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📜 LastWeek Shoutout

Blockchain shoutout was a success as samest hosted aeternity ambassador, yensesa CEO, Block.Africa secretary and the entire Block.Africa community members. It was a time to share knowlede about smart contract invadin the world of blockchain, minnowsupport practice created by @wls-africa, yensesa new update as the platform graduate to its blockchain, @samest also discussed about big blockchain conference that will connect blockchain experts in different country and @black-man also brought an advance training on blockchain technology which will be live training to help everyone that require more understanding on blockchain technology and this come with many benefits... you cant avoid to miss out of this training. The shoutout end up with whaletokens distribution and networking by whales.

-Bring Your Posts along (Whaleshares Only), Block.Africa support all genuine Projects -

⛒ Blockchain Shoutout Today

Here comes another moment to learn and earn from the pool of knowledge as blockchain shoutout brought to us another period to fetch from the pool of some individual knowledge. This hangout reveal to us the progress of Block.Africa, the news around blockchain technology, the state of crypto market, and many other information that can assist the participants and community members to grow in knowledge, money making and project.

🕑 How Much Time?

Hangouts will be approximately 60 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered. Most times questions by the participants can add up to the time.

Time: 7PM Prompt (+GMT)

21ST, March 2019 (Thursday)

🏅 This Thursday Focus!

  • Block.Africa reaching out to many on whaleshares. by @zizymena & @bookoons

  • Sustainability In Crypto Market by sbillionaire(Money Making Family).

  • The Advance Blockchain Training Plan Revealed by @black-man

  • Yensesa Upgrading To Its Chain by @eresung

🎤 Do You Have Project To Share With Us? Reachout To @samest on discord.

Look for Additional Benefits in the near Future!

⛒ Block.Africa Any Topic Off Limits?

Of course Yes! As a community, we seek for newest trickster trolling and we learn from it. We accommodate blockchain/ crypto project that contribute to the growth of every community members. However, blockchain shoutout detested any form of scam project and we won't accept such during our hangout, the safety of our community members is important to us.


This is an investment part of Whaleshares Africa. BDT has been the community token guided by Billion Dollar Team used to assist members on our Discord Server, Blogging using the #wls-africa tag and our WhatsApp group. At the moment the token is backed with four accounts.
More information on BDT Token. Check it out block.africa official discord

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