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2019 Blockchain Meetup: Constellation On The Move

samestPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Blockchain technology is growing fast but there are many around us that not yet receive the knowledge talk more of the understanding of this technology.

Africa is blessed with talented blockchain guru that ready to spread there tentacles and impact the knowledge acquired via blockchain into many lives. I wish to announce to you the first edition of Constellation Meetup this year 2019.


Oh yes we are on the chain written and earning crypto but there are more to blockchain technology and there are many out there that don't really know what's all about. As part of @wls-africa mission to spread the message of blockchain online and offline, we will be in Gbagada this weekend to deliver some important message that open new era in the page of many that will be available.

What Do You Expect?

  • Blockchain As Decentralized Platform

  • The Crypto Market

  • The Constellation Lab

  • The Blockchain As Graphene Platform

  • Rudiment In Crypto Exchange and Many Others.....

Who Are The Speakers?

  • Sophie Feinberg
    Business Development Representative at Constellation Labs | Blockchain Ambassador

  • VP Business Development at Constellation Labs | Blockchain Ambassador

  • Manager at EOS Nigeria | Executive NowCoin Cryptocurrency

  • WLS-AFRICA & Head, Business Lead YensesaNg

  • Crypto Enthusiast | Constellation Ambassador

Venue: 60 Diya street, Ifako-Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria

Date : 09TH, FEBRUARY 2019

Time: 11:00AM Prompt

The mission of constellation is to create a decentralized application integration platform facilitating the next generation of applications. Come one, come all let's learn and know how to earn more..... There are many valuable thinga that will be dish out on that day don't miss out.

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