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ruth-girlPosted to Friends5 months ago2 min read

Hello to all! It's been a month more or less that I have been away and I have missed a lot I bet...
I haven't "checked in" after the last HF and I must find out about the new changes ASAP!

How has everyone been?

The past months have been busy and had a lot of creativity "outbursts" on my side. I've been thinking of setting up a handmade decorations business and I'm hoping it will go well. I need to start promoting it better and see whether people will start coming in. Therefore, I've decided to start showing you some of the stuff I've been making all these months and hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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What are we "cooking" today?

A brilliant photo hanger made with natural material and lots of love!


This piece I made for my sister's new place. I think it's gonna look perfect on her living room wall. I hope the letters below that are forming the word JOY and do bring joy and bliss to her new home she's setting.


As you can see, I used driftwood I picked up from the beach, natural rope and cotton cord and some wooden decorations and false pearls which I glued with some silicone. These great clothes pins are simply adorable, aren't they?




What do you say?

Would you like one hanging on your wall?


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