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Fighting the heatwave with crafts

ruth-girlPosted 4 months ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

These super hot days have made me feel really uncomfortable. I try to fight the heatwave with new best friends, Miss Air Condition and her fan (got the silly pun?). I can't describe how much we're having together these days!

Since I do not dare leave the house, unless it's for work or shopping, I found some new crafts to spend my time creatively this evening.


I started making the folders for our wedding invitations!

With a nice, light brown carton and some glue you never know what you're gonna do!


After I thought about the measurements, I drew the lines on my sheets of carton and started cutting rectangles...


I folded each rectangle in half and cut off almost 1cm of each half side.


With the ruler I folded the protruding edges inside...


I put some glue on them and then glued the other side on them in order to make a nice pocket.


A little help from my heart paper perforator and my enveloped are ready! ❤

I have made about 30 pieces today and I have another 40 left to make. Once the invitations are ready, we can start handing them out.

Wanna have a taste of the invitations too?



I made them myself, spent quite a lot of hours working them and I can say I love them!


See you tomorrow!

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