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Raid: Shadow Legends for Dummies is a new YouTube channel that is for unconventional gameplay in Raid. Right now it is just being used to document a new project where only common and uncommon heroes can be used, along with the starting character, which is a rare.

So much focus in the game is on getting the best epic and legendary champions, but I wanted to see what could be done with just the basics and whether or not someone could enjoy the game without all the bells and whistles that generally take either all of your time, money or both.

I will be posting the videos here along with a more in-depth look at what's going on. Not that I expect much from such a niche project but if any funds are created by this I will be investing a portion back into Whaleshares by buying WLS on Ionomy. I think you need 1000 subscribers before you can be monetized but you never know, stranger things have happened.

I have added a link in each video to this account and eventually I will offer the account I am playing on to a lucky winner and will possibly use Whaleshares as a vehicle for the contest. As always, I am open to suggestions to make things better so feel free to pipe in if you can think of any improvements to the system.

Here is the first video

Don't worry, I am planning on learning how to get better at editing and all that but you have to learn somewhere. Right?
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