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Poetry + Fiction Curation Program Win 100 WLS

revueh.comPosted to Friends3 months ago

Poetry + Fiction Curation Program

Hi Whalians!

This week again we'll reward great poems and fiction. In the comment section you can post your own link or a link from another whalian. You can post either in english, french or spanish. The winner will receive a 100 WLS tip.


  1. Post the link in the comment section. No plagiarize content
  2. Read the post of the other constestants and share the love;
  3. Deadline next Friday 9 am (ET). We'll post the results the same day.

Good luck!


Project description

Our main goal is to support writers, poets and other creatives that need to focus on producing quality work without worrying about their effort being wasted because of the lack of immediate financial reward.

Our strategy is divided in four axis:

  1. Creative Magazine: For every text choosed by the reading comitee to be published, authors will receive 5 000 WLS;
  2. Curation program;
  3. Support the French speaker community;
  4. Help our sponsors give back the community.

Support our initiatives by voting for Revueh.com Witness.

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Special thanks to @Dbread sponsorship.


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