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We-Talent Round #3 Performing Arts Edition!/R.E.D.-Ton of Weight

reds-fallin7 months ago2 min read

Welcome to Ones Perspective!


Hey all you wonderful Spirits!

This is going to be my entry for We-Talent Round 3! I used a program called lmms and lots of synth1

I really hope you like the song! As I did it more or less to get out the funk I was in about all the steemit stuff and the sma server changing an all that!!

I am also going to write a slight poem freestyle to this track right before I post this!! Lets see what I come up with. First I got to get the music in here!!

Imagine the center of a web spiraling,
Life it's like that like its dangling,
Feet and hands spraining,
To feel all that is happening,
Haikus after blurred openings,
Point a finger, and you have three,
Reflecting back, which you selling,
I am just one simply observing,
This curving and whirling around,
Light star dust made of water,
And salt to make tha temple that is man,
Get in line to live no life or strive,
To break free of the enslaved dream,
And scream to be finally free.

Here is a link to soundcloud just in case you can't seem to get dsound to work!

Thank you for joining me with this song and I hope you found something you could take away from this!

Also putting a shout to anyone who would like to throw support my way for a contest! Looking to start in the next month or so!
Looking for all types of support from judges and prize pool!

This contest will be centered around hiphop and rappers and lyricist thanks and feel free to hit me up in discord if your interest in helping get this started.

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