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Termites WorldWide Cypher Jam-Rain On Snow/R.E.D.-Snow On Rain

reds-fallinPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago4 min read

Welcome to Ones Perspective!

What up to all in tha Jam! And what up to all my fellow beastains for this addition of my trek on #thebeast challenge!

I do have to start of with an apology! I WILL GET TO as many posts as I can. I will be working on finding space tonight a bit and then work out a strategy to keep up until I get internet back next week now!(yay!) Six months without internet can take a toll when one is attempting to do what one is doing!

So I will be back full space and ready to hit society in tha chin. Until then enjoy this!

Rain On Snow/Snow On Rain


Why do I exist. Why does one have this ability to write,
Why do I continue to fight, Against a society ready to ruin,
The whole world, earth universe right yea, whatever,
What is the point of a word like worth,
Ain't one worthy, worthwhile. Flaws I have yes physical,
Some other ones too, that are completely mental.
But those physical ones are illusions when looking,
With ones heart. So what I got to do,
To find one,
Woman in Gaia that can comprehend this lonely spirit,
I keep it real one hundred blunt talking mouth always spitting,
Truth not mine, that which goes for everyone,
We have a world that can be this way on all levels,
Not against rules, just against these rulers being corrupt,
Call this rant what you want, I am workin' hard, and coming,
To stand and win in this for all souls who can see.
The rest of you please leave to the heavens or hells,
You seem to dream, cause I am done dining at that table,
Insane plates, and dishes running around and killing,
Themselves. The ground, an air to every fuckin one else,
Ah an you think I thought I forgot I can type or print,
For years. I have been very clear, I completely know nothing,
Which actually means something that ones can't seem to see.
I know nothing. Like intimately full on orgasmic,
Relations, no ship I need to be on, I am a man on land,
Not a fish in tha water even tho I can float with tha sharks,
I ain't looking to kill anything, and between you and me,
Are only the walls you put up in between us, I already,
Been done being dumb and building them to block up,
And lock down my soul, know I am down, never out,
Always going to bounce back to take actions that you,
Sit back and call attacks as one is merely defending,
Ones perspective, with ones perception in mind at all moments,
You rats call minutes that are minute to the level,
Of ignorance running ridiculous circles around itself,
Slowly now say it with me.. Just kill ya self,
Mentalities need to be restructured from dysfunctions,
Light and darkness combined is the only path that shows,
Tha way home to our hearts where for right now,
It all starts good space, bad space, I come laced,
Fired up to debate and conversate about what needs,
To happen, not what your little lucifer god ego is telling ya,
You think with a dick pussy, acting tough and always open to,
Run your lips into tha dirt, flirt and get stomped, ones not one,
To be messing with, been waiting for the line to be crossed,
And I wait on deck at all times odf the dual nights and days,
Because me and nothing got something in common,
We know all about the otherside of everything, nothing,
Has to lead to some place and when you seek,
You will know. R.E.D. ...... Yea


Thank you for joining me, once I have internet back who knows what I will be able to finally come up with..

Maybe get some major support from some whales again! That would be wonderful(hint hint) haha if you want really of course!



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