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Termite-Bass and Coincidence Feat. R.E.D.-Double Looped WorldWide Cypher Jam

reds-fallinPosted to Public2 years ago2 min read

Welcome to Ones Perspective!

Hi all ya great peeps here is another addition of @termite's WorldWide Cypher Jam

Without any waste of space as I am doing this kinda under the gun to get it in, I give ya!!

Double Looped

Stations eight tens equals triple star, Double looped inifinite wrapped, Up in an out throughout bein' human, Please, will the real Spirits stand up, Ham bones runnin' a muck of traps, These raps are to make more than a Single scratch dent or blip in tha sand, One is the last first and all things asunder, Dancin' in tha bonds of comprehension. Big heart, small talk, awesome showing, You ain't giving me tha win, must not be, Listenin' proper to the information, To busy pushin' being loose and fake, Well ones better get use to running, Cause Red is a stampede of mentally Diseased free bringing requiems, To end all false dreams, harnessing, Tha will to everlast out lasting the egos, Simple yet effective method of dumbin', Down this population with zero restraint, From tha public that has been left, Pushed right into to existing insane. Deserted to be shamed, left in pain, I have come to change these games, Lock up all blocks with red chains, Say it again, Lock up all blocks with reds chains, No more gangs just one community, To produce this beautiful truth. Never been in a booth yet ya see, What abilities R.E.D. be bringing to you, I don't do tha spoon fed, I dump tons, Like tha amount of bricks that Make up most building arrangements, Welcome to tha death of pay to play. An open up to play to get paid universal, Sound frequency energy vibrations!

Will edit this for choon tomorrow!

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