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Vote Scam: The Stealing of America -- 1996 James Collier Interview

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This interview with James Collier, the co-author of "Votescam", describes nearly 25 years ago with uncanny detail what the whole world has witnessed in the 2020 U.S. election at a scale never before witnessed. This interview is likely to have your blood boiling. And as you recall this interview took place in 1996, not 2020, well, the cringe-worthiness of it all really starts to sink in. And the segment around 30 minutes in is about as cringe-worthy as it gets...

I grew up with two men who spent twenty-five years investigating vote fraud in America: James and Kenneth Collier, my father and uncle. Their book, Votescam: The Stealing of America was published in 1992 and immediately banned by the major book chains, which listed the book as "out of print" and actively worked to prevent its sale. Votescam chronicles the Collier brother's groundbreaking investigation into America's multi-billion dollar election rigging industry, and the corporate government and media officials who control it.

The Votescam investigation began in 1970, in -- surprise! -- Dade County, Florida, where Ken ran for Congress (with Jim as his campaign manager). Ken was rigged out of the election through a vote scam, which the Colliers later discovered was used throughout the country for decades. It went like this: The local newscaster would announce during the broadcast of election returns that the election "computer has broken down." Instead of giving official returns from the county courthouse, the networks would be running vote "projections" for the rest of the night.

Jim and Ken, who had garnered 30 percent of the vote, noticed that when the vote totals came back on the screen after the announcement, they had mysteriously lost 15 percentage points. They didn't get another vote for the rest of the night. When they examined the "official" election results from for the September primary, October run-off and November final election in Dade County, the record listed a total of 141,000 votes cast for the governors race in each election. The exact same number of total votes were cast for three elections with a different number of candidates running each time. The same identical figures were listed for the Senate race in the primary, run-off and final election. This, of course, is a statistical impossibility.

Link: A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud in America (Victoria Collier)

In computerized elections (counted in secret by secret computer programs), we still have a right to cast our ballot, but we have no way of knowing if our votes are being counted accurately. Thus, all the Presidential Elections, all the US Senate races, 99% of the US Congressional races, and almost all local races that have been conducted since 1988 are illegal and technically not binding on the population. In a court of law, we would say that once the ballots are taken out of public sight before they are counted in the open, the chain of evidence has been broken.

As Communist tyrant Joseph Stalin aptly stated:
“Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the vote decide everything.”
And, yes, the Communist Party in Russia held paper ballot elections under Stalin – but the Communist Party exclusively “counted” the votes.

The following four groups, the “Election Night Gatekeepers”, are perpetrating a vote fraud conspiracy upon America.

  1. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire service -- This is the “Big Media” combine, which helps run the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate, and which prevents the population as a whole from realizing what’s happening on each election night. (The New York Times wire service, the Washington Post wire service, and Reuters are in on the conspiracy of silence. All other Big Daily newspapers in the USA take their national and international news from these big wire services. If a reporter at a big daily, or a local TV affiliate of one of the major networks, learns about some of this blockbuster information, and starts reporting it, he will be given a choice: accept other reporting assignments, or, get transferred to the sports department, or, get fired.)

Link: Computerized VoteFraud -- We Must Restore Transparent Elections (WatchTheVoteUSA)

And hey, look at that, even the Associated Press that was first to call the election for Biden, is part of this "Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate" long-running scheme clearly described by Joe Biden himself...

Fast forward to 2020...

A bit more on the Dominion Voting Machines debacle from a December 3rd press release issued by VoterGA where 37 Trump votes in a batch were repeatedly shifted over to Biden...

in 2017 Eric Coomer explained how to alter votes in the Dominion Voting Systems in a Chicago demonstration. A video turned up from 2017 where Dr. Eric Coomer from Dominion Voting explained to Chicago elections officials how to alter votes in the Dominion voting machines.

This then is the SECOND VIDEO of top Dominion executive explaining to elections officials how to alter votes with the Dominion machines! This was a separate demonstration in the Chicago area (notice he is wearing a dark jacket and is without the wrist protector.)

Link: BALD-FACED LIES: Dominion Says Assertions of Vote Switching Are “Completely False” — But We Have Two Videos of Dominion Executive Eric Coomer Showing How to Switch Votes (Gateway Pundit)

Wishful thinking...

This link offers some potential solutions to counter voter fraud. Unfortunately, short of a miracle, few if any of these deterrents will likely be implemented as there is simply too much at stake for those seeking to control us in every way, at every level.

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