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Trump Video Montage Rebuttal Demolishes Sham Impeachment: "We Believe in Law and Order"

redpillPosted for redpill Pod Members to comment on, 3 years ago6 min read

Trump defense attorney David Schoen played a video montage of Democrats using the term "fight", actually inciting violence and supporting riots, and contesting elections without any supporting evidence whatsoever, while also presenting the complete versions of video clips manipulated and edited by House Managers in order to fraudulently substantiate their case...

"Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus"... "false in one thing, false in everything."

In common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.

All their "evidence" consisted of manipulated footage and outright lies (often based on "highly credible" CNN news reports).

It's the Jamie Raskin response all over again. Never mind the falsehoods that we've been telling you. None of that stuff we said over and over had anything to do with our central point that Trump incited an insurrection. And don't let the fact that we've been telling you falsehoods cause you to question our credibility. The house of cards, the Jenga tower, still stands strong.

Never mind that the point was apparently considered important enough to submit as evidence. Raskin was essentially allowed to wriggle out as if he said, "The fact that we're lying about this doesn't reflect whatsoever on the veracity of anything else we're telling you."

The tale of the brutal Trump mob is always punctuated with the fact that five people were "killed" during the riot, er, "white-supremacist insurrection." One of those people was Ashli Babbitt, one of the rioters, who was fatally shot by a law enforcement officer. Three others were election-fraud protesters who died from health crises – a heart attack, a stroke and an unidentified medical emergency – during the January 6 demonstration and riot.

But the Sicknick story has crumbled in recent days with the revelation that medical examiners didn't find any indication that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma. Investigators are reportedly considering a theory that Sicknick became ill after coming in contact with a chemical irritant, such as pepper spray, that was deployed in the crowd.

Also obscured is the wrinkle that Sicknick communicated with his family after the riot. Ken Sicknick reportedly said his brother sent him a text hours after the riot, saying, "I got pepper-sprayed twice," and that he was in good shape. The next day, the family was informed that Sicknick was in critical condition, on a ventilator.

Link: MSM's narrative about the murderous Capitol mob has collapsed, but don't let that get in the way of a good political lynching (RT)

Van der Veen reminded the American public, “One of the first people arrested was a leader of Antifa. Sadly, he was also among the first to be released."

Link: BOOM! Trump Impeachment Attorney Drops a Bomb on Democrats, Reminds Americans – “One of the First People Arrested was a Leader of Antifa” (Gateway Pundit)

Two different groups were charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol on January 6th: the Proud Boys, which is currently designated as a terrorist group in Canada, and the Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers were the first to be charged with “conspiracy”:

A man who authorities say is a leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group and helped to organize a ring of other extremists and led them in the attack last month at the U.S. Capitol has held a top-secret security clearance for decades and previously worked for the FBI, his attorney said Monday.

So, the leader of the Oath Keepers was glowing in the dark, but what about Proud Boys? Well, what do you know: their leader is also an FBI informant, who used to work on undercover stings since 2012.

Moreover, the Oath Keeper guy was actually a former FBI agent, division chief, who held a top security clearance since the seventies.

Meanwhile, Ricky Vaughn, a memelord who helped Trump win the election in 2016 was indicted on conspiracy charges, after he was doxed by Christopher Cantwell and Paul Nehlen, who informed on him to the FBI.

MILO Yiannopoulos also was an FBI informant, as we learned via court documents from the Charlottesville civil lawsuit. The bizarre “The Base” aka AtomWaffen terrorist group was exposed as being run by a CIA glow-in-the-dark agent with an active CAGE code.

Link: Both Groups Charged with Conspiracy to Storm the Capitol Were Led by FBI (InvestmentWatch)

Maybe you were struck as I was when U.S. House impeachment manager Congressman David Cicilline constantly referred to the Capitol riot as an “armed” attack in Wednesday’s hearing. I had been looking into this very thing myself. What arms had been used and found on the rioters at the Capitol?

Cicilline referred multiple times in his argument, now on record and taken as gospel, that “an armed, angry mob,” “an armed insurrection against the United States government,” “an armed, angry, and dangerous crowd,” and a mob conducting “armed violence against the government of the United States of America.”

But were the rioters armed? Some had been carrying flag poles. But would Cicilline be referring to those people as “armed”? Doubtful. The congressman meant to leave the impression that gun-toting “white nationalists” stormed the Capitol, as he called them Thursday. He offered no explanations for the black, Hispanic, and copious Asians who were at the Capitol that day and who stormed the Capitol.

Considering the circumstances, one might think someone might have seen guns on one of the myriad live streams or perhaps used one of the weapons, but nothing but brute force – bad enough – was the rioters’ “weapon” of choice.

Link: Democrats Claim There Was an 'Armed, Angry Mob' at Capitol Riot, So Where Were All the Guns? (PJMedia)


Link: Breaking: Trump Legal Team Asks to Call in Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser to Testify on Inside Info They May Have Had on Capitol Breach (Gateway Pundit)

END RESULT: As expected, Trump is Acquitted by the Senate

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