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Narrative vs Reality and How Western MSM Covered Ukraine BEFORE the War

redpillPosted for redpill Pod Members to comment on, 4 months ago3 min read

Don't blindly trust any news source, and especially not one directly linked to some government that likely has a vested interest in painting events in a particular light, whether it be the U.S., European, Russian, Ukrainian, or any other.

News organizations that force feed viewers what to think should always be considered highly suspicious. Do your own research, dig for facts and corroborating evidence, make up your own minds, consider all sides, and be especially wary of what they don't want you to see.

This is how the West covered Ukraine and Zelensky before the "Russian invasion"...


Ukraine Biological Research Facilities, False Flags & The More Censorship

(aka don't take anyone's "word" for anything and make up your OWN mind)

History of the Expansion of NATO Since 1949...

Donbass - 2016. Documentary Anne-Laure Bonnel

Anne-Laure Bonnel, a young director and mother of a French family, decides to accompany Alexander, a father of Ukrainian family, to the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine in a pro-Russian zone. At the heart of the war, she captures the terrible images of a deadly conflict and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

On that note, let's see what FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube are trying to block us from hearing and learning about now...

Someone gave me a lead on YouTube erasing this Oliver Stone documentary titled, “Ukraine on Fire.” YouTube, which is owned by Google , has deleted the film “Ukraine on Fire.” Apparently, Ukrainian-Russian history is a little too much to handle for the powers-that-be. I hadn’t heard about the film until today. In response, the producer of the film, Igor Lopatonok, has released the copyright and made the documentary available for open download on Vimeo.

The documentary is, apparently, according to the person who emailed me about this, well sourced and cited, and not that much of a contrarian outlook on the centuries-spanning feud. I’ll have to watch it to come to my own conclusions about this claim.

The film tells the history of Ukraine from the 17th century to the turbulent events of 2014 and beyond. Throughout the film, Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, as well as American journalist Robert Parry are interviewed, mostly by Oliver Stone.

Link: https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/2022/3/d2fim83jwgkw8r92x9q6o2bks6onlh

"Ukraine on Fire" -- Oliver Stone

Any idea why Twitter may have deleting this post from the Russian Embassy UK branch? 🤔

Link: https://waronfakes.com/civil/fake-russian-aviation-struck-a-maternity-hospital-with-mothers-and-children


And Jen Psaki for sure knows all about propaganda and false-flags given the massive "January 6th insurrection" false flag they orchestrated in 2021 just before Brandon took office, to name just one example of many.



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