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eBay to remove Dr. Seuss books over hate and discrimination, but you can still buy Mein Kampf

redpillPosted for redpill Pod Members to comment on, 2 years ago

"At eBay, we have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers," eBay Corporate Communications Specialist Parmita Choudhury told the Washington Examiner on Thursday. The statement came after numerous Twitter users noted that their listings for the six Dr. Seuss books recently pulled from publication were delisted on the site.

"We're currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items. It can take some time to review all existing listings and provide education to impacted users. We're also monitoring the newly published list to be reviewed,” Choudhury added.

Link: https://www.rt.com/usa/517245-ebay-dr-seuss-books

You can’t make this stuff up. @ebay is blocking my listing of @DrSeuss’s “The Cat’s Quizzer” & citing it as offensive material. Yet anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan’s books are okay? #cancelcancelculture

By extension, Michelle Obama is also a hateful racist...

"Countless Americans can recall his books as their first step into the lands of letters and wordplay. With creatures, contraptions, and vibrant characters, they have led generations of happy travelers through voyages of the imagination." - Barack Obama

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