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Breaking Down the DON'T SAY GAY Pedo Narrative

redpillPosted for redpill Pod Members to comment on, 3 months ago4 min read

As Blaire White (who is also trans) astutely states, "Isn't it funny how the same people who claim no one is teaching K-3rd graders about sexuality are so angry about a law stopping them from teaching K-3rd graders about sexuality?"

That sums it up quite well. But, if you're still not convinced, here's a bunch more for you to take under consideration...


Learn Your Woke CRT GayBCs... all the way through Z... 🤮

B for Bi(SEXUAL)! For 5-8 year old little children, really?!

#OKGroomer (NOT targeting kids, we promise!)

Link: https://twitter.com/AcsAgainstCRT/status/1506887665454563329

Protect the Kids -- who would ever imagine such things even needed clarification??!

Governor Ron DeSantis: The bill I signed today protects Florida parents like January Littlejohn. School officials manipulated her daughter to “transition,” calling her a male name & pronouns without January’s knowledge or consent. This is wrong & today’s legislation will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Link: https://twitter.com/GovRonDeSantis/status/1508513695613214726

“How Gender Ideology Almost Destroyed My Family” - January Littlejohn...

Disney and the "Gay Agenda"

@realchrisrufo: I've obtained video from inside Disney's all-hands meeting about the Florida parental rights bill, in which executive producer Latoya Raveneau says her team has implemented a "not-at-all-secret gay agenda" and is regularly "adding queerness" to children's programming.

Free "gender affirming care" for all!

Research demonstrates that gender-affirming care improves the mental health and overall well-being of gender diverse children and adolescents.

Oh, really? Hmmm, this next paragraph seems a bit conflicted though, doesn't it...

Gender diverse adolescents, in particular, face significant health disparities compared to their cisgender peers. Transgender and gender nonbinary adolescents are at increased risk for mental health issues, substance use, and suicide. The Trevor Project’s 2021 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health found that 52 percent of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.

Link: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-administration-transgender-agenda-youth-sex-change-hormone-therapy

Link: https://opa.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/2022-03/gender-affirming-care-young-people-march-2022.pdf

Helena Kerschner shares her story about being brainwashed and manipulated into transitioning into a man, the way she saved herself from the radical ideology, and her journey as she detransitioned back to a woman...

Those who "identify" as Pan(sexual)...

Next time someone describes themselves as "pansexual", think of this...

For an apparent mid-level god of no obvious importance, who doesn’t really do anything, Pan has taken the full force of the wrath of Christianity. It is no accident that the imagery of the Devil is a man with horns and the legs of a goat. The image of the Devil is the image of Pan! There is no description in The Bible of this image of the Devil, and yet over 2,000 years the people of the world have been conditioned into associating the very image of Pan with the image of the Devil without Pan’s name ever being mentioned.

Link: https://alasdairf.medium.com/the-great-god-pan-18bb2e6e0a8a

Speaking of which... what ever happened to those depraved souls hanging out on Epstein Island?

Just a heads up in case you forgot, most of these people are American oligarchs, politicians, and MSM "influencers"...


SUNY Fredonia responds to video of professor's comments on 'adult-child sex'

The comments were made by Dr. Stephen Kershnar, "a distinguished teaching professor in the philosophy department at the State University of New York at Fredonia and an attorney," according to his faculty page on the SUNY Fredonia website.


Several more memes summing up the despicably abusive and infuriating Leftist mentality...

Mysogeny at its finest...



Pedophile Gatekeeper Appointed to the Supreme Court

In the eight child-porn cases that came before her court, former D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of “sadomasochistic” torture of young kids — including “infants and toddlers” — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case, according to transcripts of sentencing hearings obtained by the Post. In some cases, she even apologized to some of the kiddie-porn perverts for having to follow the statutes, which she called “substantially flawed.”

Link: https://nypost.com/2022/04/02/ketanyi-brown-jackson-even-chose-leniency-in-baby-sex-cases

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