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If 'Happiness' Were To Be Sold, How Much Would It Cost?

promzyelishalast month4 min read


Tough question, lets me devour it with this approach:-

What is Happiness?
Happiness is the emotion of joy and contendment. It has a strong connection with the mind and soul. People go for different things that brings happiness to them and never get tired of doing those things. Besides i have never heard of anybody who complains about feeling too much happiness or have you? 😂😂

Do you know there's aversion to happiness?

Cherophobia or fear of happiness, is an attitude towards happiness in which individuals may deliberately avoid experiences that invoke positive emotions or happiness. source

haha...I doubt such people exit but that is not the focus for today. So here we go:-

If a price tag was attached to happiness then the world would be doomed. Everyone would have been a living corpse, literallly lost in their own world and locked inside out.

Imagine a street where people are walking to and fro with heads hanging low, without a grin nor smile, dragging their feets along the paths and lacking motivation. Its more like a world filled with depressed people. Through our life's daily bustle and hustle we need happiness and i bet no one could afford it for himself, wife and children and maybe a lil for their pets, haha😂😂. Wh
at of the orphans and less privildge??

'Happiness' store keepers/owners would be among the few, whose shoulders would never go low, i can imagine them feeling like they are in cloud nine. Since clients would constantly be nagging them saying 'hello sir, i have been on this quenue like forever, get me a piece of hapiness already am so frustrated as it is.' While the poor would hang around the stores begging desperately for a lil happiness for spare that would last a few minute or so.

Snap out of such imagination, the thought of it can get you worked up. The good news is that happiness is totally free, infact its a gift from the creator through grace. Mothere Teresa said 'There is no key to happiness, the door is always open'. Thats simply means that happiness is a choice. Whatever choice you make, you have to dance to it tune.

'True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self.'.... Joseph Addison. True happiness radiates from within, it is exclusive and it can not be purchased. Self discovery, self acceptance and self appreciation is the first step to happiness. Literally, it is true that we cannot give out what we dont have.

Bernard Maltzer states that 'happiness is like a kiss, you must share it to enjoy it'...interesting!! Happiness is fully established when it is given out ie extending the love, warm spirit, and smile to other around us.

The price we pay for happiness is not measured in dollars, pounds nor in monetary terms, if it were, then everyone would go bankrupt trying to buy it....happiness is priceless. The price is in the continuous and concious pursuit for happiness and measures we take to keep the high spirits, also in reaching out to others, accepting life the way it is, been contended and grateful for the lil we have.

I had loved to say: FIND and be ACQUAINTED with what makes you happy, be with WHO makes you happy, and of course DO what makes you happy. Remember that, true happiness radiates from within, it is exclusive and it can not be purchased!


In the spirit of the 12welve, I join in the "Wine of The Week"!. An initiative where Themes and Questions are chosen weekly and Open for Participation brought to You from @twelved. Here is the week's theme:-

If 'Happiness' Were To Be Sold, How Much Would It Cost?

You can participate via this Link
This theme paves way for self-reflection and lessons....I asked my siblings quite a few questions concerning their take on tgis topic and they gave such good points that i didn't hesitate to pen down. Let this message pass through you that happiness has no price tag, so we must embrace it, hold it tight and most importantly share it with others.



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