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Greetings to the whaleshares community.

This is to notify the humble community about our progress concerning our campaign activities which was announced on this post few days back.

Our 5 days monthly campaign for whaleshares platform ended yesterday , the post and tweets could be noticed l around Twitter, Facebook, memo cash and Instagram.

we had a lot of engagements from the platform users

The project atlas has made it mandatory and their responsibility to always promote the whaleshares platform every second week, for 5days of every month using its community crowd force on social media.

This campaign started on Monday 11 and ended on Friday 15th.


Now to the analysis

This analysis was pulled out from using Tweetbinder, from what we could see of the analysis, this results looks beautiful despite the low turn out from our members this week.

Most of our members were occupied with one or two things to do.

But anyways thanks to everyone on the atlas team who participated on any of the days,

Click here for all whaleshares.io Twitter activities of the atlas team and our tweets

  • Potential impacts - 4,965,856
  • Potential reach - 1,942,621
  • Contributors - 80
  • Tweets/contributor - 2.80
  • Original tweets - 28
  • Original contributors - 10

Analysis was pulled and analyze using Tweetbinder

Click here for advanced analysisy

Click here for Basic analysis

whaleshares Social post

More of our activities on social media, Click here or visit our discord and chevk on the #non-twitter-users channel for more.






This edition of the atlas whaleshares campaign is endorsed by the beyondbitcoin team - brought to you by the atlas project - initiated by the atlas community and orchestrated by the atlas dedicated team.

supported and

sponsored by

Brought to you by the atlas team

The Atlas team are enthusiastic online networkers on the atlas project, who are passionate about promoting any supported projects of the atlas especially DPOS chains.


LIFECOIN IS A COMMUNITY TOKEN BACKED BY @marshalllife whalestake and the @project-atlas stakes and its the official payment method of the atlas project.

1 lifecoin = 1% FOR UPSHARES

Or Use to summon FREELANCERS to do your bidding.
By sending your lifecoin to bitmar5 with the skills or your wants - what you want us to do.

Create a bitshares account here

Always take out some time to vote for valuable witnesses that are actually bringing real value to a platform, consider, voting for @aquacy @unity @krazywitness @snug or go to the witness tab and check some cool witnesses 👇 👇 👇

Do your love what we do? And You would love to support Us? !!! Consider Giving us your support votes on this projects.

More about our BP and Road maps

1. Whaleshares

We @project-atlas is running a witness node on whaleshares and we need your support. Kindly consider giving us your witness vote by clicking on this link https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses. NO PRESSURE

2. Smoke

We are BLOCKPRODUCERS On the smoke platform, if you love what we do on promoting the smoke network - Kindly consider giving us your witness votes.
On https://smoke.io/~witness (vote @project-atlas) NO PRESSURE

3. Enumivo Blockchain

We are block producer on the Enumivo project, a fork of Eos chain with the envision Of deploying A UBI dapp in the future for humanity.
You love what we do? kindly vote our BP. @projectatlas NO PRESSURE

Our road map

More about our future road maps and how we planned to channel our block rewards on building a promotional dapp and on running Ads on high user base websites like Facebook/Cojntelegraph and CMC in order to drive traffic to this network, plus more info about our promotional dapps read here

NOTE: @project-atlas is hiring people with various skillsets that would help to improve the platform.
More here kindly check at [we are hiring] section on http://www.projectatlas.info

For more info
Website: www.projectatlas.info
Mail: [email protected]
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/6wQR7nG
Facebook: http://facebook.com/atlasProject1/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Project_Atlas2
Google+: http://plus.google.com/Projectatlas4
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Project_Atlas2
Smoke: http://smoke.io/@project-atlas
Steemit: http://steemit.com/@project-atlas


To many promotion is scary

But to us it's a fun filled fun

images (14).jpeg

Image source

And may the atlas force be with you and us.

Recent smoke post from @project-atlas


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