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Project-Atlas Reloaded - Our mission โš’ [Introduction video ๐Ÿ“น]

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As you all know, the project Atlas was created to promote other crypto projects, also offering freelancing services to people who needs it and not only needing it but to Spread the project initiatives and information's across the inter web to create more awareness - launched on 7th of January with the first ever crowd promotion of promoting the steemit blockchain on Twitter. We have survived a lot of set backs and also discouragement but with the team keeping it strong and also because of the full transparency of the project to many crypto projects, we were able to conquer and survive each set backs making the project 8 months old and still ready to Survive more years than the planet earth's its self.

The project Atlas in order to accomplish its mission as the first ever crypto team crowd force promotion, not only promotes crypto projects but also open doors to talented individuals that can offer their skills in order to earn some certain tokens.

The project Atlas plan

The atlas project survived many threats that could have collapse the overall initiatives, cause at some point, many members enthusiasm dropped - and the rest that believed kept it strong - the atlas projects has render services to a whole lot of crypto projects including some popular crypto projects and we say thanks to Them for believing in us and giving us a crypto promotional job - the atlas project is ready to expand, how?

The Atlas project with the help of the whaleshares chain will use its rewards to fund the project in becoming a dapp on the whaleshares blockchain - currently looking for developers that could help and collaborate - the project atlas will render two services of crypto promotion and freelancing services anytime the website has been completed.
A crypto crowd promotion and also a crowd freelancing services.
If you a developer kindly hit us on our discord and - together we can plan and build something amazing we all can be proud of.

Before going further - allow me to introduce you to the team of the atlas projects.

@andy4475 is the atlas twitter lord - you won't understand why we call him that but only a member of the atlas team understands why he gets that title and nobody is ready to Compete with him.
On our discord, Andy is an admin and also an atlas coordinator - his ideas and all has really helped the project grow.

@Jenzy09 the Atlas twitter queen - just give her any royal names cause she deserves it-when she swings to Action, she act like xena and Won't stop until she's done and completed.

@dee-y The Atlas coordinator has really helped to Develop this project-he has been here since the early days of the project and has done everything possible to Make sure the project succeed - with his ideas and freelancing skills - He is responsible for the atlas introduction video before and now.

@t-flames the atlas flames admin - chasing the twitter Prince cause of his activities of multiple accounts and ready - flames has been here since day one.

@marshalllife is the founder of the project Atlas - though he came up with the initiative -
He listened whole heartedly to the team to him - its a wise idea to ask and listen to What the team says about the project before going further with any new ideas and plans because he believes everyone if the team is the atlas..

Some of our dedicated members includ
And so On

If you are a good writer or have any skills you think can help the project grow or ideas you wish to contribute with and looking for a project you wish to Join and dedicate your time and efforts on -the door is always open and we welcome and encourage everyone to Join us, The benefit may not be now but it all definitely come - Together we can build something iconic

we need the full support of the Whaleshares community/developers and witnesses in oder for us to fully grow and have no problems rewarding this whale soldiers - dedicating their time to promote the platform organically on social media's once a week on every month. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
The project Atlas loves the Whaleshares platform.

You ask for value
We brought value
Dear witnesses support us ๐Ÿ™

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What we do

  • We promote crypto projects
  • Thunder clapping
  • we supply ideas
  • we give out skills as Freelancing for whaleshares tokens/
  • we create and share updates of our progress and latest developments about the whole project initiatives.
Dear whales on the whaleshares platform -kindly vote for your favorite witnesses on the witness categories.

The witness are responsible for every transactions that goes on this platform and everyone of them trying not to miss a block/
Help create initiatives and also supporting this initiative to see the platform soar to greatness ๐Ÿค—
Click here to vote for witnesse

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Help us to grow and to do more

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  • Bitshares wallet = project-atlas

  • BTC wallet 1Ce8ShdRERHapJWBhfjvdVsPBGSg2wzZ4r

  • Eth wallet

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