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Project-Atlas on whaleshares (full introduction)

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I am not talking about the Greek mythology "Atlas", A Titan condemned to hold up the sky for eternity after the Titanomachy. Although associated with various places and stories.


What is Project Atlas ??
Project Atlas, a great initiative with great brains behind it. A project that has a bright future on the crypto based social media platform.

let's also define the atlas project like the Greeks, as a project that is meant to carry other projects up on its back, by so creating awareness because of the large numbers of the community [Titan] 😉 all over the globe using social media tools.

Project Atlas was launched January 7th with the sole aim of promoting the steemit platform through the community crowd force offered a coined word we call (Steemit+Freelancing) = Steemlancing an exciting project I must say and we conducted 3 months campaigns on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, conducted promoting on the first platform that inspired this great project ideas.
But due to the fact more users joined this project than our imaginations, and rewarding them for their time and skills became quite alarming and also me and my team noticed that the steemit whales/community don't really care about how the platform goes as everyone is busy rewarding selves and hard to discover important groups and projects that are impacting awesome movements also are providing values to the platform.
We paused for a while on steemit and continued our initiatives with promotions of good crypto projects.
Such ass

  • LCC
  • AURA
  • Worbli
  • Spescoin
  • Bold coin AND SO ON
    And we noticed rewarding this multitude was even easier promoting other projects as they reward us more than promoting steemit who don't care about useful community crowd promotions on the platform.
    "We left"
    we have conducted 22 successful campaigns so far and more of this tends to happen in the nearest future

Arrival of the project Atlas on whaleshares.io

We've been team ever since we took that promotional oat 😉 and we have really come a long way. The zeal of promoting crypto projects keeps motivating us all for the love of blockchain.
We have done our home works by re- structuring the whole ideas of the atlas team for mass promotion and have come to know that we need strength and community supports for more users to join and for task to always look easier for completion, and rewarding those team members who partook on every campaigns with a useful token (whalestoken/and so On)
The project atlas is on the Whaleshares platform for one sole purpose of promoting and creating awareness of this social sharing platform unto other social platforms like (Facebook, Instagram, reddit and so on) for maximum visibility through the working atlas community and the atlas verified team on discord/


The eosbounties is also a sub project of the atlas project, a community built around the eosbits bandwidth tokens that would be upgraded into a dac, a community of bounty hunters that shares Eos informations to other Eos related telegram groups.
For More Info About Eos-bounties initiatives kindly read here

Doing what we know how to do best.

Even before this introduction post, the project Atlas team already organized a whalestake claim awareness campaign on Twitter with the Hashtags #wlsclaim, this shows the urge to promote crypto projects runs in our vein 100% ready to start each campaigns ending all successful.

For more information about our campaign initiatives for the Whaleshares platform, (#wlsclaim) kindly take a look at this blog post of the team.


what we need from the Whaleshares platform

The project-atlas in the future might decide to run for witness in order to use the block rewards in properly rewarding the team who took part on promotional activities of any crypto related whaleshares project.
And because soon more crowds (whaleshares users or external bodies) might join us in promoting whaleshares platform -

we need the full support of the Whaleshares community/developers and witnesses in oder for us to fully grow and have no problems rewarding this whale soldiers - dedicating their time to promote the platform organically on social media's once a week on every month. 😃
The project Atlas loves the Whaleshares platform.

You ask for value
We brought value
Dear witnesses support us 🙏

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What we do

  • We promote crypto projects
  • Thunder clapping
  • we supply ideas
  • we give out skills as Freelancing for whaleshares tokens/
  • we create and share updates of our progress and latest developments about the whole project initiatives.
Dear whales on the whaleshares platform -kindly vote for your favorite witnesses on the witness categories.

The witness are responsible for every transactions that goes on this platform and everyone of them trying not to miss a block.
Helping create initiatives and also supporting this initiative to see the platform soar to greatness 🤗
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project atlas social media's

Help us to grow

  • Bitshares wallet = project-atlas

  • BTC wallet 1Ce8ShdRERHapJWBhfjvdVsPBGSg2wzZ4r

  • Eth wallet



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