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Enumivo painting and community By @Tezzmax

project-atlasPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago4 min read

A new abode! (Enumivo).

Happy New Week Guys,

I'm here today with a new info that is currently giving me joy. There's a community called Enumivo.......

A Better Place for Humanity.

I got to know this community (Enumivo) with the help of @marshalllife. The community happens to be a crypto community just like steemit but there are differences, that doesn't make it the best but makes it more unique.

Enumivo is a community that respects you for being human, and also pay you for being human. Isn't that weird? I'm currently pushing more closer into this community because their aim and ambition seems to be this very one that tallies with my philosophy.

No human deserves free money, and it doesn't mean you need to stress your muscles to make wealth. - Nucleus.

There's something myself and @marshalllife call V4V meaning - Value for Value. This community isn't ready to give you free money but they gave UBI (universal basic income). For you being human alone, you're qualified to have access to UBI but is it free money? No! You're human, and in one way or the other You should be able to add value to the community, or don't you think so? If you do think so, then you're about to belong to ROE. What's ROE? It simply means Republic of Enumivo. Once you have access to ROE, it means you're now a citizen of Enumivo! Or better still, you're now an Enumivian.

I've seen more or little that this community can do to impact lives and I'm also yet to see many things they can do but even at that, what can I do too to add value to the community? I told myself “Art”!


Not Enumivite but Enumivian!

I made this painting some hours back, not knowing that every citizen of Enumivo is called Enumivian, I was thinking I could bring up a name but then, after making the painting, I got the info that we're Enumivian, and so be it!

That's not all, stay tuned and see me bring up some other paintings for the growth of the community. In few hours, the Enumivian painting should be ready. 😃

If you think and wish it's time to know more about Enumivo, you can do these -


You can go ahead and ask questions there, and I'm sure you're going to love the community for life!

I can't stop thanking @marshalllife, he's a wonderful man on the blockchain and he's got his own wonderful project too called Project-Atlas. Let's all help him because it's all our project, and the growth of the project should be our priority. Thank you all. ☺

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authored by @tezzmax and edited by @marshalllife

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