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have you read our recent update concerning whaleshares twitter campaign analysis? 馃憠 Please click here if you haven't

Lately, I have been getting DM鈥檚 from people and some of their enquiries are centered on the eligibility for participating in the ongoing Project-Atlas campaign, the discord server, and the core functions of the atlas project. Some persons are getting things mixed up, some are a little confused and some others not sure of what it is.

With this article, I will throw more light on the subjects listed and further re-emphasize our core duties as the atlas team.

The Atlas Project

The Atlas project is dedicated to promoting Blockchain and Crypto related projects, using its community crowd force. It also acts as a hub and intermediary between freelancers and project owners.
In a more simpler term, we have two core functions;

  • Campaigning and

  • freelancing

Both functions are service oriented and excellence in delivering impeccable services is our priority..

Our Discord Server

This is our base, our home-office. Here you will find our community members comprising of the:

  • The Atlas team and

  • Content creators (skillset freelancers)

  1. The Atlas Team

This team is basically comprised of promotional experts, responsible for carrying out campaigns on Blockchain and Crypto related projects, and are thereafter rewarded with valued coins like LifeCoin, Beyondbitcoin and other applicable valued tokens.

Roles on the discord server are given to qualified members after successful verification of at least one of their social media accounts, their Twitter account in particular. They are also restricted to the Atlas Team Section on the discord server. In other words, they don鈥檛 have access to the Content Creators Section on the discord server, unless they are exceptionally known to possess a skill that is beneficial to the section. This restriction runs both way.

If you have the required skill sets and desire to join the atlas team, kindly indicate by starting up a conversation with a moderator on the discord server or simply visit the we are hiring section on our website.

2. Content Creators (Skillset Freelancers)

ThIs comprises of the freelancers on the discord channel of Project- Atlas. They have different skill sets and are also tagged Content Creators on our discord channel. Project-Atlas acts as a hub for these skilled individuals and also as an intermediary between them and the people seeking their skills.

Content creators on the platform include writers, graphics designers, poets, visual artists, programmers, etc. They can also earn tokens by leveraging on our platform or our Whaleshares community account to showcase their works. This will act as a source of exposure for them and may in return earn them patronage.

Any content creator who wishes to leverage on the Project-Atlas platform for exposure can chat any of the moderators on the relevant discord channel for proper guide and skill set documentation.

Who Can Participate

Everyone can participate especially now that the Atlas team and Content creator roles have been clearly outlined.So where does your passion lie? Promotion of Content creation? Which section of the atlas project do you most fit into? Well, I leave the answers to you.

However, if you are passionate about promoting projects and you have a good Twitter handle with 500 followers, then why not sign up to our discord channel and become an atlas member.

Note Sometimes interesting tasks are put up for everyone to participate, share or tweet about on social media, and this time you don't need to be on the atlas team to participate - most of those task are announced on #General channel, why tasks for the atlas team are specifically announced on #Task announcements channel.

Hope we have been able to answers all your questions with this post?

Thank you.

Authored by @nicewoody69
GRAPHICS by @daniel-otaniel
Facts by @marshalllife

Do your love what we do? And You wish to support Us on What we do? !!! Give us your witness votes on this projects.


We @project-atlas is running a witness node on whaleshares and we need your support. Kindly consider giving us your witness vote by clicking on this link https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and using your private key to lock in your votes.


If you are on the smoke platform and love what we do with promoting the smoke platform - kindly support us and consider giving us your witness votes.
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Enumivo Blockchain

We are block producers on the Enumivo project, a fork of Eos chain with the envision Of deploying A UBI dapp in the future for humanity.
You live what we do kindly vote our BP. @projectatlas

Our road map

More about our future road map and how we planned to channel our block rewards if each platform ls to running paid ads on social media's like Facebook, Instagram plus more info about our promotional dapps read here

NOTE: @project-atlas is hiring people with various skillsets that would help to improve the platform.
More here kindly check at [we are hiring] section on http://www.projectatlas.info

For more info
Website: www.projectatlas.info
Mail: [email protected]
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/6wQR7nG
Facebook: http://facebook.com/atlasProject1/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Project_Atlas2
Google+: http://plus.google.com/Projectatlas4
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Project_Atlas2
Smoke: http://smoke.io/@project-atlas
Steemit: http://steemit.com/@project-atlas


To many promotion is scary

But to us it's a fun filled fun

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And may the atlas force be with you and us.

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