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Witness Update #3 - You'll be happy you stopped in

profanereviews3 months ago4 min read

Lost In Translation is up and running

Well, as up and running as something brand new can be, I suppose.

Click here to support our introduction post.

We have some teams together and have done the translation from English to Spanish of a child's meditation. You can check it out here and show it, and the translator's comment a bit of love if you are of a mind.

@pankso wrote it and @joelgonz1982 was the translator. We are trying to find a good balance to be able to reward the original poster and the translator and we feel that this should work pretty well.

We also had @teamfrench's post about joining forces with @lit that was translated by @pankso. Together with @cendrinemedia and @eliot they make up @teamfrench.

I'm really proud of this project and can't wait to see how far we can take it. With @comedyopenmic working the behind the scenes magic, we were able to get our token secured and ready for the next step. You should go and give that hardworking bastard a witness vote if you have one to spare. He does a lot to support us and rarely(never) gets any credit. Never seems to ask for anything, either. He's as good a friend as I ever thought a person could find on a blockchain.

Anyhow, it will be a while before our token, LITCOIN, will be distributed, but we wanted to get it secured. It's a great name, even though we wanted just plain LIT. Turns out that a short name costs about six billion times as much as a longer one and maybe people will one day send us 100 LITECOIN for a full share by mistake. Hell, we would drain the mana for that.

We now have teams being set up for Hindi, Urdu, Dutch, Yoruba, Indonesian, and Spanish. If you see anyone that could use some help with translations and they fall under those languages, please send them our way or us to them.

We could also use any help with translating other tongues to English, if you know any that might be interested in working with a great team and earning a little extra for their time, let's get together.

You can comment here, on a @lit post, or Join Us In Discord

We also really want to thank @bushkill-witness for helping us out with this. It just makes it so much easier to build something when you have support. If you haven't already, go throw him a witness vote too. He makes a lot of things happen here.


As for my actual witness...

There's not much to say. No missed blocks and everything seems to be running tickety-boo.

Knock on wood.

I do really want to thank all of you who have supported me in this. It takes a lot to put your faith in someone you don't know, and I don't take that for granted. I would love it if you could drop me a line and tell me what's important to you on the blockchain, or just in life. We all have dreams and goals and I would love to hear what yours are. I have seen a few members and witnesses startup with big plans that fizzle out for some reason.

Why is that? Maybe talk to me before you give up and abandon your account. Maybe there are other ways for you to help and give yourself some purpose on here. It can get pretty lonely when you're surrounded by people but have nobody to really talk to. My door is always open and if I'm not there I am either sleeping, working, or curling up for a movie with my wife.

I will respond to you when I get back on. Don't just leave. I'm a pretty good listener.

I'll leave you with a scenic mountain photo of the winter sand pile in our main yard. I was shovelling out about six cubic metres of sand from my truck and shot this while trying to get my wind. It was just after using my emergency inhaler.

Anyhow, if you are stopping by the vote for witnesses page and are looking for someone to vote for, please consider @comedyopenmic, @bushkill-witness, or me, @profanereviews in your choices.

Oh, that whole "You'll be happy you stopped in" thing? Here:


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