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profanereviewsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

It's fucking cold!

After talking with @samstonehill about the weather being so much milder for the last five years and this winter being especially mild, we were hit with a cold snap that looks to be around two weeks or so long. It's the coldest I have seen in many years and while it didn't hit -40C/F here, it did where I was doing a course in Dawson Creek so I thought I would mention it. The only way I could keep the temperature up in the car was to keep the revs up high because when I would get stopped, or even just slowed down, the coolant temperature would drop very quickly. This was after maybe one minute of being parked at the school.
As you can see, the highway speed was enough to keep the engine warm but as soon as we got into town it gets cold in a hurry.

One thing that impressed the hell out of me is how easily the car starts in such cold temperatures. We got a block heater when we bought it but they couldn't install it so we are waiting to get into the local dealership but at -40 it fires right up without even a hesitation. That's very reassuring.

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