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TELOS IN NIGERIA- First Telos Blockchain Meetup In Africa

prechyrukkyPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago6 min read


Good day family! I have something good for you all.
Telos4africa is having its first blockchain meet up in Africa and it's been powered by the Telos blockchain. Before I proceed with my invitation I will love to say something little to you, don't know if it's worth being called a story or whatever. But just take your time and read the piece below

Cryptocurrency is digital money, it's something you can't feel with your sense of touch (the skin) or hold but what you can feel with the sense of the brain.
Blockchain, you want to know what it means?
Blockchain is a body that ensures the smooth running of cryptocurrency, this is an interface that isn't controlled by anybody or policy but only the natural policy of demand and supply.

The above text was what I gave to a newbie that join the crypto space and is confused about what Cryptocurrency and blockchain are all about. I tried the possible lay man's language to put in onboard about the crypto space and blockchain but he still did had some difficulties understanding what Cryptocurrency and blockchain are all about. He read some word documents and PDFs on Cryptocurrency too but it seems so complex to him.

And it's not entirely his fault because some of us are good at learning easily than others. And to the layman out there, introducing Cryptocurrency is something that takes time and usually a gradual process (I can attest to this as I was once a novice to cryptocurrency and the blockchain). But three days ago when I introduce this friend to the @telos4africa community, he was encouraged to learn more about Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And so far so good he is improving as the day progresses.

So have you heard of Telos or Telos4Africa before now

Telos is a software or code fork of EOS.IO, meaning that the Network is creating an entirely new blockchain using an improved and modified version of open-source EOSIO software.


Telos is global and want to touch every part of the world. Telos4Africa is a branch and body of Telos dedicated to onboard the vision of Telos to all Africans. The goal of Telos4Africa is to inspire creativity and promote productivity in the African blockchain economy.

The Telos blockchain it's coming to Africa for its first blockchain meet up and it's holding in no other place but Nigeria.



I may not be a mind reader, that can see or read your thought. But I know for sure if someone introduces me to join a network or attend an event. I will surely want to know why I should join such a network or attend such an event. So I want to broaden your eyes, brain, and heart on why you should be there.

Cryptocurrency is a growing network worldwide as each day progresses people keep getting onboard into the crypto space. Apart from the steady global growth of cryptocurrency. Nigeria (location of Telos4Afria meet up) is a country whose population is accepting Cryptocurrency as the day progresses. About 80% or more of the Nigeria young population has heard about Cryptocurrency (my personal data though) but not everyone really understand the concept and the few that understand the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain have been benefitting from it to which I can attest to for I am lucky to be among one of the few.

It will be great to onboard into Crypto space right now and the Telos4africa meetup is dedicated to tell you... Why Cryptocurrency? Why blockchain? and why you should join the movement now early not when the train has gone far off.

Apart from exposing you blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. And how it can be of great benefit to you and the world at large. In the meet up you will also be exposed to the good news of Telos and how it plans to onboard and help Africans as I said earlier...

The goal of Telos4Africa is to inspire creativity and promote productivity in the African blockchain economy.

Telos4Africa has eight initiatives it's been working on some of these initiatives greatly. You can learn all about these initiatives by checking by previous blog post here.
One of the initiatives is bringing your talent to the table, so if you are content writing like I am you can onboard to Telos4africa bringing your creativity and letting Telos4Africa help you

This meets up will enlightenment you on how you can fit in into the Telos community be it a movie director, artist, graphic designer, programmers, and developer or any other skill you have/possess.

There will also be freebies and giveaway
•Two lucky attendees will be going on with a mobile phone each
•Free wallet to all attendees
•T-shirts and hoodies
•You have been hearing about bitcoin right? Well, to let you know every attendee is getting 5$ worth of bitcoin. Isn't that just amazing?
•There will be free refreshments also, I also you. You don't want to miss the item7

Apart from the meet up being educative, it's going to be entertaining. A boring event isn't worth it, but a fun event is everyone's idea of fun.

It's also been studied that we all as humans are more of visual learning. If you read a book and watch a movie with the same storyline of the book, you will remember the movie more because it's visual. In school, I love attending classes because reading without a visual illustration is brainstorming for me, at times I can go on YouTube to watch a video on a topic I'm studying because visual learning is easier.

The meet up is going to be visual and learning about Telos and Telos4Africa community is going to be easier for all attendees for it's visual than trying to learn by reading written words. So this is another reason you should be in the meetup.

I'm not just sure but glad that I have been able to convince you on why you should attend the Telos4Africa first blockchain meet up in West Africa.

So if you are in Lagos or close to Lagos, have a friend, colleagues or relative in Lagos. You may even be far off from Lagos. In as much you are in Nigeria and your family, colleagues and friends are here also I want to see December 14th at Vantage Hub, 2nd Floor, Mosesola House, 103 Allen Avenue Lagos, Ikeja.
Simply book a seat beside me by registering through this link


If you are in west Africa or any part of Africa and you wish to be at the event. You can also register through the above link.

You need questions or support about Telos4Africa. Then join us on our social media channels through the links below


Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky

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