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Cryptocurrency- A Volatile Commodity

prechyrukkyPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago3 min read


Cryptocurrency as we all know is digital money and when it comes to investing and trading cryptocurrency, it's a 50-50 game. A game where you either lose or win and at times you play your cards right and loss other times you play wrong and you win. Funny but true, in my 20 years on earth I will say I think Crypto is the most volatile commodity I have ever known and I will love to give my personal experience and the little I have learned so far about Cryptocurrency

Don't Make Cryptocurrency Your Only Source Of Livelihood:

To most crypto enthusiast this may be seen as an off/wrong statement but as someone who once built a great hope in Crypto with the idea it will take care of my future financial needs I know what I am saying. Crypto is good with a bright future but it can wreck and cause you a great heartbreak at times especially when the deep comes when you are a hard need of some finance.

Don't Be Too Greedy

Greed is something that kills so much. Being greedy is good and can be beneficial but it has a great down side. Barely a month ago BTC rose to 13K plus, wanted to sell to USDT a day to the day it came down to 12K but I didn't was hoping when I woke the next morning it will be at 14K but I woke up and saw it at 12K and it kept diminishing to its current price. I wish I wasn't that greedy hoping for 14K and sold at 13K plus. But for what it's worth is an experience and lesson learnt

Be Your Own Financial Adviser

When Leo was at $0.03 I wanted to buy some but a friend advise me not to that I won't make a huge profit as the capital (steem) I want to invest is too small. Leo later becomes 0.1$, 24 hours later or maybe less and like I invested what I had I could have made a good profit not so huge though.
This same friend gave an advise to buy steem at $0.35 that it will increase but instead steem came to $0.24 . You can take predictions concerning the crypto market from friends or colleagues but be assured that whatever decision you make is yours and not theirs

This is the little lessons I have learned about Cryptocurrency and I may not be totally right but one thing I have realise is that Cryptocurrency is a long term journey, at times it might be short term but cryptocurrency is definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky

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