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You will die in one week, what do you want to do?

poeticsnake2 months ago3 min read

  • You will die in one week, what do you want to do?

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    Well, I'll be damned! I will curse for 3 hours first and slam my head against a wall almost killing myself even before that one darn week. Then, I might sit down and cry for 15 minutes and feel like super very sorry for myself! After the pity party, I will get myself up and eat something first because food makes everything better, even dead in my eyes!

    One week, just one week and so many things still to do like calling people I really hate and scream asshole in their ear! Ring doorbells and ran off because I can. Steal all the apples in the world and throw them at idiots but also at people I love to give them something to remember me by! OMG! Just kidding, I think! I am really not! YES I AM! Stop this snekkyyyy and behave!

    Image source: Pixabay

    I would pack my bags and travel to see all the people I love and bring them a hug and tell them not to be sad! I had a good life and we all end up 6 feet under the ground! Jeeezz... LOL. Then, I would travel to Amsterdam and buy magic mushrooms and gather all my idiotic friends and have a weird party! Perhaps @mandelsage can bring some special tea as well! Anyways, the last time I was high is many moons ago and to have that feeling one more time before I die might be funny, because why not!

    I would make sure all my money ( I am NOT rich ) would be ending where I want it! Animal shelters and my loved ones. The rest I will use to buy, well perhaps rent a huge limo and just cross the roads and see where we end up! I will hop in hot air balloon with my mom because that is a wish she holds. I would really make some time to wack a few idiots on the head and shake them from left to right just because well, I can.

    I would make sure to spend the last day in the mountains being one with nature and walk on my bare feet until I drop dead and get my wings! I am not sure of those wings will be white or black, or perhaps even green and I sure as Hell don't know if I will go up or down but I am driving that weirdo bus home with a smile on my face!

    What would you do if you only have one week left? I would love to read your answers in the replies to this post! They are really appreciated!

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